Ualikhan Seydildauly Abdibekov

The rector of Akhmet Yassawi University, professor

Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences

  • Graduated from Kirov Kazakh State University, got the specialty “Mechanics” at the faculty of mechanics and applied mathematics in 1982.
  • In 1982-1990, worked as an engineer of energetic and junior scientific employee at KazSRI.
  • In 1990, defended his candidate thesis, worked as senior scientific employee in the institute of geography in the Academy of Science of KazSSR, then worked as a head of mathematical modeling laboratory.
  • In 1995, worked as a leading scientific employee of applied hydrodynamic laboratory in the institute of mathematics of SSA of the Republic of Kazakhstan .
  • During 2002-2010, worked as an executive head of computing technology department at the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Al-Farabi University.
  • In 2003, defended his doctor thesis on the theme «Numeral modeling of heterogeneous turbulent flow».
  • Since September, 2010, worked as the dean of the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Al-Farabi University.
  • Since March, 2012, was appointed pro-rector in the sphere of education by the order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Since 2002, worked as a main scientific employee in Mathematics and Mechanics Research Institution  at Al-Farabi University.
  • Supervising over 20 project works and programs.
  • Has two monographs and 80 scientific articles which are published in scientific journals of ICF and far abroad and has supervised 5 candidates of science and 3 PhD doctors.

Scientific interests: problems of turbulent flows; mathematical modeling of complex non linear physical phenomenon; mathematical modeling the turbulent MGD flows; spectral method based on Chebyshev’s polynomial for modeling turbulence; half empirical models for stratified surroundings; a method of major hurricane for modeling the turbulent problem;

  • During 2006 and 2010, granted as best teacher, honored by medal «Ерен еңбегі үшін».
  • In 2006, was correspondent-member of the National Academy of Engineering.
  • In 2010, was correspondent-member of the International Academy of Engineering.
  • Member of the editorial staff of «Computer technologies» in the Scientific Academy of Russia.