Graduate admission

This year, the format of the Unified National Testing (UNT) itself has not changed, but changes have been made regarding the distribution of educational grants. Previously, government grants for admission to universities were distributed by specialties, and now by groups of educational programs. These groups include one or more educational programs of the university. In total, there are 97 such groups. Thus, in the June 2006 UNT, an applicant submits subjects from the “Mathematics” + “Physics” combination. Consequently, the group of educational programs chooses from 25 possible. Below are attached combinations of subjects and, accordingly, the number of groups of educational programs.

  1. “Biology” + “Geography” – 9
  2. “World History” + “Geography” – 4
  3. “Mathematics” + “Physics” – 25
  4. “Chemistry” + “Biology” – 16
  5. “Geography” + “World History” – 1
  6. “Kazakh language” + “Kazakh literature” – 3
  7. “Russian language” + “Russian literature” – 3
  8. “Foreign Language” + “World History” – 5
  9. “Mathematics” + “Geography” – 9
  10. “World History” + “Man. Society. Right ”- 2
  11. “Chemistry” + “Physics” – 1
  12. “Geography” + “Foreign Language” – 2

Creative exam + Creative exam (number of groups of educational programs – 9).

Summarizing the above, we want to dwell on the changes that made it possible for applicants to have additional opportunities to easily enter the selected university:

  1. Now you can take the UNT 4 times a year to enter a university. Each time you pass UNT, you can choose different combinations of specialized items. In the competition for the award of educational grants can only participate those applicants who have passed the summer UNT and scored a passing score.
  2. Graduates of VET can enter universities on a fee basis, continuing their studies in an abbreviated program in their profile, without passing the UNT. For enrollment will be enough for the results of the university entrance examination;
  3. Comprehensive Testing (CT) combined with UNT