Victory of the AYU DEBATE CLUB

On February 9-11, members of the club AYU DEBATE CLUB IKTU participated and became winners of the republican discussion tournament organized by the club ZHALYN Cup of the Marat Ospanov West Kazakhstan Medical Academy. In the competitions in the ACE format, 100 students, 50 factions from different universities of the country participated. As a result, […]

Final reports of scientists of the university

On February 8, a discussion of the final reports of the heads of research projects financed from the budget of the Intergovernmental Board of Trustees in 2016-2018 was held in the Small Hall of the Cultural Center. The chairman of the expert commission, Vice president for finance and development PhD Mustafa Eren led the meeting. […]

Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the University

On February 8, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the University was held in the small hall of the Cultural Center. In his work participated teaching staff, postgraduates and doctoral students of the university. The seminar was conducted by the Chairman of the Council, Vice-President for Science and Innovation, professor T.P.Raimberdiev. In […]

Classes  taught by teachers from Aktobe

In the spring semester of 2017-2018 academic year in the framework of the program of academic mobility of teaching staff in the period from 29.01 to 11.02.2018 teachers of the Kazakh-Russian University from Aktobe, Gulmira Moldabekova (discipline “Accounting” in Kazakh), and Elena Nikolaevna Pilipenko (discipline “State regulation economy” (in English)) began to conduct classes for […]

Назарбай Шекербек
External academic mobility

Under the academic mobility programs of Mevlana, Orkhun and MES RK in the autumn semester of 2017-2018 academic year for one semester our students studied at the best foreign universities in Europe: 3 students (5B050600-Economy and 5B050900-Finance) studied at the University of Florence (Italy). At the universities of Turkey Akdeniz, Sakarya, Giresun, Ercies, Jumhuriyet, Khojatepe […]