Nobel laureate Professor Aziz Sanjar  at Akhmet Yassawi University!

On April 18, Nobel Prize winner Professor Aziz Sanjar is expected to arrive at the University of Akhmet Yassawi, who will specially come to Turkestan to deliver a lecture “Science and National Development” for university students. Professor Aziz Sanjar is the second winner of the Nobel Prize from Turkey. In 2006, the first citizen of […]

Student Nauryz in the hostel № 5

On April 16 students hostel № 5 celebrated the great day of the holiday – Nauryz. The hostel staff and students spread a generous dastarkhan for the guests of the holiday with national dishes in front of the hostel. the dean of the medical faculty S.Turtabayev, the director of the Directorate of Students’ Houses Professor […]

Symposium discussed global issues

On April 13, the closing ceremony of the IV International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace was held in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center. The Symposium was organized by TIMAV (Turkey) Foundation on April 11-13, with the unification of Nejmettin Erbakan, Selchuk, Nevshehir, Haci Bektur Veli, Balikesir and Akhmet Yassawi Universities. Dean […]

IV International Symposium “Religion and the Global Peace”

On April 11 at the Cultural Center was the grand opening of the IV International Symposium “Religion and the Global World.” It was organized by the TIMAV Foundation (Turkey), Turkish universities Nezhmetin Erbakan, Selchuk, Nevshehir Hazhy Bektash Veli, Balikesir, and the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi. At the opening ceremony, the 1st […]

Students celebrated Nauryz!

On the 11th of April in the dormitories №1 and №2 of our university students celebrated Nauryz. The dormitory staff and students had a good time. Teachers, students, guests took part in the festive event, which showed the unity of the dormitory. The guests of the celebration enjoyed the national cuisine, Nauryz kozhe. The director […]

Fair of vacant places

Today, April 10, the University hosted a fair of vacant places for undergraduate students, which was organized by the University Employment Center. About 80 employers from various institutions and organizations of the region took part in it. 59 specialties of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty […]