Beisenbekov Zhalgasbek Zhapparbekovich

PhD., Associate Professor  “Fine Arts” Head of the Department

Fine Arts Department

The Fine Arts department – conducts preparation of competitive, comprehensively developed, with brightly developed creative thinking, intellectual, business, qualified specialists. Originally in 2004 it opened as “Design and Fine Arts” department. And in 2014 the department was renamed on “Fine Arts”. The percentage indicator of scientific capacity of department constitutes – 40%. Now as a part of department works doctor of pedagogical science, Professor K. Eralin the best teacher of Higher Education Institution. Today at department there is a educating 4 bachelors, 1 master. Every year among schools for exceptional children the regional competitions are held. Students of Fine Arts department 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 in a row at the competitions “Yassawi” occupy 2 and 3 places.

The total quantity of Academic staff of the personnel (on the basis of the employment contract), according to the subject blog of the curriculum of specialty constitutes are 25 people. Among them: 3 doctors of science of HAC (High Attestation Committee), 6 candidates of science, 4 senior teachers, 12 teacher’s undergraduates. Obligatory courses on these specialties are conducted by experienced, skilled teachers of department and subjects of elective courses correspond to the last achievements of modern education, art criticism, fine art and requirements of the employer. Obligatory and selective objects underwent discussion at a meeting of department, a task of the approved blocks, offsettings, tickets of examinations, questions of tests, quality and the Students’ Individual Work and Students’ Individual Work with Teacher organization under control.

The percentage indicator of scientific capacity of department makes – 90,5%. The following achievements became results of works of the students offered for participation at Republican Scientific competitions: N. Adilbekova (PhD, professor K. Yeralin) ІІІ place, A. Kaiyrbekova (PhD, professor Mr. Erkibayeva) І place; Nabikhanova  Tansholpan Polatkyzy (PhD, associate professor S. Alimbekova) ІІІ place, and also diplomas from the Ministry of Education and Science.

At department there are offices of needlework, drawing, the young designer, special clubs, and also the “Tengri”, “Atamura” clubs work. Clubs hold various discussions, meetings, exhibitions. The purpose of these circles is the organization of scientific conferences and seminars for the purpose of increase in pupils professional level, participation in various actions directed to increase in the authority of university, strengthening of stability in our country, unities and tolerances of the people living in Kazakhstan, and also education at youth of the correct cultural and religious outlook, etc. At the level and according to the plan educational works concerning accommodation of students are carried out to hostels, full acquaintance with rules in the hostel, observance of rules of purity, silence and order. Participation in public and cultural actions.