Bachelor of basic military and physical training


  • 6B014-Bachelor of basic military and physical training


Secondary objectives:

  • Ability to use the knowledge about the way the modern scientific origin of the world in academic and professional activities, as well as the use of mathematical methods for processing information about the theoretical experimental studies;
  • Ready to use methods of physical training and self-education to enhance the body’s adaptation allowance and health promotion;
  • The ability to accurately convey the logical view in writing and orally in the official language;
  • Establishing a culture of thinking, the ability to perceive and analyze the information, set goals and choose ways to achieve them;
  • Ability to analyze the philosophical, social and philosophical issues of particular importance;
  • Understand the nature of culture as a form of human life and be able to be guided by the principles of modern exchange and partnership in its activities;



  • Understanding of the requirements in relation to the profession and the ability to use them in practice
  • Obtaining information through knowledge of the basic applications and their use
  • The organization of the educational process in a professional and methodological level
  • Understand and use in practice the general laws of the sphere of military knowledge, military requirements and standards 


  • Interest in the academic subject
  • Has the individual approach to their activities.
  • Methodological Culture
  • Using the general military regulations can organize military action
  • Qualification:
  • Use the program content of the discipline in the educational process
  • Get information in electronic form, using publishing tools
  • Demonstrates the ability of the organization of educational process in the organization in a professional methodological level
  • General military regulations as regards values, expresses confidence in the activities of the Office 


The competence of the future experts of basic military training should comply with the requirements of employers.

Basic military training

  • Initial elective university module
  • The history of Turkic peoples
  • Yasauivedenie
  • Interpersonal Communication Psychology
  • Politics
  • Akmeology, personal and sociological bases of perfection
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of Life Safety
  • Environment
  • Law basics
  • Economic theory
  • The principles of Ataturk
  • Critical thinking
  • Record keeping in the state language
  • Labour protection
  • People for ages


Elective Module of UNIVERSITY

EMV1 practical direction of basic military training

Module – Drill

  • Military-combatant musical education
  • Military-applied sports

Model – Military training

  • Preparation of a reserve officer
  • Organization of physical training in the armed forces

Module – Items of military specialization  Military history of Kazakhstan

  • Military History of Kazakhstan
  • Tactical preparation

EMW 2 Theoretical direction of basic military training module

  • Technology
  • Military -Information Technology
  • Provide troops with arms

Module – Military intelligence

  • Intelligence service
  • Intelligence service
  • War Games and complexes

Module – Military Psychology

  • Military Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Military Engineering trainingState compulsory module
  • The modern history of Kazakhstan• Information and communication technology (English)

Philosophy Communicative module

  • Kazakh language
  • English
  • Turkish language

Professional practice – specialty Basic military training

Educational practice are conducted within the time limits specified in the standard, approved by the MES:

  • course “Hands-on training” – 3 weeks;
  • At 2.3 -kursah- “Pedagogical Practice” – 15 weeks;
  • At the 4 – year – “Practical training” – 10 weeks;
  • At the 4 – course “Pre-diploma practice” in higher education – 5 weeks

Where can students gain practical experience?

  • Holiday house Mashat
  • Public school “Daryn”
  • Gymnasium
  • regional, city military enlistment offices
  • provincial, municipal MOE
  • Intellectual School im.N.Nazarbaeva
  • General Secondary School T.Ryskulov №24
  • General Secondary School №27
  • General Secondary School №20
  • School gymnasium №9 im.Nekrasova
  • The total average school №2
  • Secondary School №17 Ataturk
  • General Secondary School №14
  • General Secondary School №19
  • Secondary School №15 named after M. Zhumabaeva
  • The total average school №1 named A.Baitursynov
  • General Secondary School named after M. Abenova

Short reduction


Bachelor of basic military and physical training

Code of specialty


The level of education

The first higher

Mode of study


The selected item

Creative examination

Profile subject

Creative examination

Passing score

Kazakh, 98

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