5В040300-Vocal art


  • Bachelor’s degree on specialty “Vocal art”


Goals of the general education:

  • Education in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the Constitution of the country, the traditions, the culture and literature, the values of Turkic-speaking peoples, to the customs;
  • Preparation of highly skilled specialists owning research skills and the ability to plan an independent research, its implementation, to be a leader as well as to coordinate interdisciplinary scientific areas of investigations;
  • Formation of the profession as the foundation of vocational education, the special pedagogical training and special basic education, skills and personal qualities;
  • Qualified application of normative documents, the use of innovative methods and technologies with respect to its subject, analyzing and evaluating results of the introductions of innovations in the learning process on his subject.

General objectives of education:

  • Formation of scientific investigation work and preparation for professional work;



  • have an understanding of the scientific concepts of the world and Kazakhstani science in a particular area; the mechanisms of implementation of scientific discoveries for practical work; the norms of relations in the scientific community; pedagogical and research ethics of a researcher- scientist.
  • study in the context of globalization and internationalization of the modern trends in the development of domestic science, trends and patterns; methodology of scientific knowledge; scientific achievements of world and Kazakhstan science in a certain area.
  • obtain the basic knowledge of in the field of the social humanitarian and natural sciences that will contribute to the formation of a highly educated person with a high level of thinking culture and broad outlook.

The ability to:

  • formulate the objectives in the field of education on the specialty “Vocal arts” and to make best decisions, educational services, to use information technology in the field of the art, to implement research activities successfully;
  • obtain knowledge and skills as well as the theory and methods of educational work to carry out all types of professional activities in the field of education on the specialty “Vocal arts”.


  • ability to demonstrate their rational thoughts in the field of research with the help of his mastery in the use of research methods in this field;
  • planning of a comprehensive process of scientific investigations, development, implementation and correction skills;
  • practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained from the history formulates requirements types, methods and techniques of historical research;
  • the ability to transmit his knowledge and achievement to colleagues, the scientific community and society;
  • contribute to the development of a society based on knowledge.


  • modern society requires competent and competitive specialists with impeccable professional education.

State compulsory modules

  • The modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Philosophy

Communicative module

  • Kazakh (Russian) language
  • English language (Level 1)*
  • English language (Level 2)*
  • Turkish (Kazakh) language (Level 1)*
  • Turkish (Kazakh) language (Level 2)*


Module Vocal skill І

  • Specialty І
  • Chamber singing І

Module Vocal skill ІІ

  • Specialty ІІ
  • Chamber singing ІІ

Module Musical literacy І

  • Music Theory І
  • Solfeggio І

Module History of art

  • Musical accompaniment
  • History of Performing art
  • Practice vocals

Module Vocal skill ІІІ

  • Specialty ІІІ
  • Piano І

Module Vocal skill ІҮ

  • Specialty ІҮ
  • Piano ІІ

Module Musical literacy ІІ

  • Music Theory ІІ
  • Solfeggio ІІ

Module Vocal skill Ү

  • Chamber class І
  • Opera preparation І

Module History of music

  • The history of Kazakh music
  • The history of foreign music

Module Vocal skill ҮІ

  • Kazakh musical literature
  • Singing І
  • Chamber class ІІ
  • Choir  class І
  • Methods of teaching of special disciplines

Module Vocal skill ҮІІ

  • Singing ІІ
  • Musical instrument I (piano, accordion, dombra, kobyz)
  • Opera class
  • Voice technique


University Elective Module

  • History of the Turkic states
  •  Yassawi Study
  • The psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Political science
  • Akmeology, bases of personal and social achievements
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Life Safety Basics
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Law basics
  • Economic theory
  • The principles of Ataturk
  • Critical thinking
  • Clerical work in the state language
  • Labor protection
  • Eternal country


IET Сhamber Singers

Module Studio work

  • Studio work
  • The song art of the Turkic world

Module Musical accompaniment

  • Concert Choir
  • Scenic Culture

Module Ensemble

  • Vocal ensemble
  • Song foundation

IET 2  Opera singer

Module Voice Recognition

  • Harmony
  • The performance of modern music

Module Orchestra                                                        

  • Rhythmic education
  • Instrumental ensemble

Module Actor’s technique                                                        

  • A culture of speech
  • Actor’s improvisation

Additional types of training

  • Physical Training


Professional practice

Educational and productive practice will be carried out in accordance with the specified period in the approved standards of the Ministry of Education and Science:

In the first year, “Educational Practice” will be conducted in Akhmet Yasawi International Kazakh- Turkish University -3 weeks;

In the second, “Uninterrupted pedagogycal practice” will be conducted in the city music school- 15 weeks;

In the third, ” Uninterrupted pedagogycal practice ” will be conducted in the city music school- 15 weeks;

In the fourth, ” Productive practice ” will be conducted in the city music school – 10 weeks;

In the fourth, “Pre-diploma practice” will be conducted in Akhmet Yasawi International Kazakh- Turkish University -5 weeks.

In which schools can the students gain practical experience?

  • Music School

Short reduction

Vocal art
Code of specialty
Educational level
The first higher education
Forms of study
Elective subject
Creative exam
Profile subject
Creative exam
Entrance score
2 Creative exams on the specialty -80 score

According to the results, scores of History of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh language

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