Turymbetov Tursinbay
Head of Department

The department of computer sciences.

The department of computer sciences carries out training of specialists in the field of informatics and is structural unit of faculty of Engineering. The bachelors and masters on specialties 5B011100-Informatics, 5B060200-Informatics, 6M060200-Informaticis are issued.

The purpose of the department is to improve the quality of educational services, the implementation of educational, scientific and educational activities at the level that provides education consumers with services conforming to modern educational standards.

The history of the Computer Science Department begins in 2003 (head of the department –candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Azhikhanov Nurlan Tobakhanuly), on September 1, 2013, the department was renamed to the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Computer Science.

Since September 1, 2014 the department was reorganized into Department of Computer Sciences at faculty of Engineering (the head of the department – the Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Marasulov Abdurakhim Mustafauly).

Since September 1, 2016 the head of department was appointed, candidate of pedagogical sciences, acting professor of MKTU Niyazova Gulzhan Zholaushiyevna.

Since September 1, 2018, the head of department is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor Turymbetov Tursinbay Abdibekovich.

In 2009-2018 students of specialties 5B011100-Informatics and 5B060200-Informatics takes 1, 2 and 3 places at the republican subject Olympic Games.

Work of department is directed to training of specialists, possessing the deep theoretical and practical preparation, strong professional knowledge, skills conforming to the state educational standards of specialty.
The department has good material and technical resources and the qualified educational teachers which allows students to gain professional high-quality knowledge and to become experts in the field of informatics.
Total number of teachers – 19, including 2 doctors of science, 5 candidates of science, 1 PhD doctor, 5 senior teachers, 6 masters. Students and undergraduates of these specialties are trained by highly skilled teachers of the state obligatory component and an individual trajectory of training and also the elective courses of training at a basis of advanced technologies in science and education, educational programs and training programs of foreign higher education institutions which are selected by employers and graduates are organized.
In 2016, according to the rating of educational programs of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan, the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education awarded the 3rd place to the specialty 6M060200 – Informatics.

Teachers of the department are actively involved in the organization of seminars for the faculty of the University:
– Methods for the development of electronic educational resources and their use in the educational process.
– The development of e-learning in the education system.
– Distance learning technologies in educational process.
Bachelor Degree
Students enrolled in the undergraduate program are expected to acquire a broad knowledge in all areas of computer science, and an overall perspective of the field, its structure, and its problems as well learn how to program efficiently in numerous languages and computer systems.
Master Degree

The training of M.S. graduates in computer science should provide them with the knowledge and skills to hold professional positions in the development and design of computer systems, and in the design and implementation of new software applications; to hold administrative positions that require planning and evaluation of computer-based systems; to teach in computer science; and to be prepared for further study and research at the doctorate level.

Professors of this department carry out scientific work on the subject “Modelling of Processes and Improvement of an Education System on the basis of Information Technologies” (the supervisor prof. Marasulov A. M.). Staffs of department for the last three years have published 5 monographs, 38 books and 201 scientific articles.

At the department there are such clubs as “Auto Cad” and “Programming”. Various meetings, debates and seminars are held at these clubs. Tutors have held the following events: “550 years to the Kazakh khanate”, “Extremist currents”, “Policy of information security”, “A role of family values in formation of the Kazakhstan patriotism”, “AIDS – a problem of a century”, “A healthy family – the healthy nation”, “The specialty chosen by me”, “Why youth reach for addictions?”, “EXPO-2017 – a step to the future”.

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