Academic degree and qualification: bachelor of informatics

Graduates of specialty of a bachelor degree of the natural direction can work:

  • experts in the field of object-oriented programming, programmers;
  • experts in the field of computer design, WEB – programmers;
  • specialists in design and creation of intellectual systems and systems of information search;
  • junior researchers at research institutes and the centers;
  • system programmers, system administrators of computer networks;
  • teachers of informatics in average professional educational institutions, high schools, lyceums and gymnasiums in other organizations of education.

Bachelors of specialty 6B061 – Informatics can carry out the following types of professional activity:

  • research activity in the areas using methods of applied mathematics and computer technologies;
  • development of requirements and specifications of separate components of objects of professional activity on the basis of the analysis of inquiries of users, models of subject domain and possibilities technical means;
  • the organization of process of development of objects of professional activity with the set quality in the set time;
  • implementation of pedagogical activity with broad application of multimedia and other IT technologies;
  • compliance to the increasing requirements of employers.

State mandatory module

  • The modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Philosophy

Communicative module

  • Kazakh
  • English
  • Turkish

Elective high school module

  • History of the Turkic states
  • Yasawi study
  • Psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Political science
  • Akmeology, bases of personal and social success
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ecology and stable development
  • Right bases
  • Economic theory
  • Ataturk’s principles
  • Critical thinking
  • Office-work in a state language
  • Labor protection
  • Mangilik El


The module -Mathematics and programming

  • The higher mathematics І
  • Programming І
  • Probability theory

The module – Mathematics and physics

  • The higher mathematics ІІ
  • Physics І

The module -Discrete mathematician

  • The discrete mathematics
  • Computer architecture І

The module – the Data structure

  • Algorithms and data structure
  • Fundamentals of circuit engineering

The module – Internet technologies

  • Programming ІІ
  • Internet technologies І

The module – Network and graphics

  • Computer networks І
  • Computer graphics І
  • Information security and cryptography

The module – Programming

  • Programming ІІІ
  • Computer graphics ІІ

The module – the Algorithm theory

  • Correlation of the person and computer (interface)
  • System architecture of parallel computing

Module – Numerical methods

  • Theory of the database I
  • Numerical methods

The module – Operating systems

  • Programming of ІV
  • Operating systems (Lunix/Unix)
  • Java technology

The module – the Database

  • Internet technologies ІІ
  • Bases of an artificial intelligence
  • Theory of the database II

ZhBT1 Technology of information processing

The module – Information processing

Languages and automata theory

Mounting of images

The module – Preparation of applications

Application creation in the Python language

Creation of mobile applications

Computer mathematical systems

ZhBT2 Multimedia technologies and simulation

The module – Mathematical and computer simulation

Mathematical and computer simulation

Algorithm theory

The module Multimedia

Fundamentals of geoinformatics

Creation of multimedia applications

Automated design engineering system

Industrial practice is carried out according to the periods approved by MES RK Standard:

Bachelor degree:

1 course: “Training practice I” are carried out in educational laboratories of university – 3 weeks;

2 course: “Industrial practice I” is carried out in city and the region  institutions, the organizations and the enterprises — 2,5 weeks;

3 course: ” Industrial practice” is carried out city and the region  institutions, the organizations and the enterprises — 2,5 weeks;

4 course: ” Industrial practice” is carried out in the institutions subordinated to regional department of education in city and the institutions, the organizations and the enterprises – 10 weeks;

4 course: “Predegree practice” is held at departments of university — 5 weeks.

In what institutions students can do practical training?

  • KazMicroFinance LLP
  • «Астана құрылыс конструкциясы» LLP
  • Uniform accumulative YuKO pension fund
  • Education department of Administration management of Turkestan city
  • «Түркістан-несие» LLP
  • GU “Department of Economy and Finance” of the Turkestan administration management
  • IP Seytov K.Z., Turkestan

• Turkestan branch Peleng LLP

Brief information



Code of specialty




Training level

The higher education

Types of training


Specialist subject


Lowest passing score


Payment for training

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

350 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.