Kuatbekov Bekzat Niyetaliuli
Ph.D., professor Head of the Department

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Energy and Natural Sciences by the decision of the Senate of the International Kazakh-Turkish University. Kh. A. Yasavi since September 1, 2008 on the basis of the department of “Natural History” of the Turkestan Institute of Humanities and Business was again transformed. In the academic year 2014-2015 the department was renamed the Department of Electroengineering. The department carries out the preparation of bachelors in the following areas: 5В071800 – Power engineering; 5В070200 – Automation and control;Masters in the direction of 6M071800 – Power. The Department of Electroengineering has sufficient material and technical resources, computer equipment, laboratory equipment and stands, used to implement the educational program. All laboratories are equipped with electrical and electronic installations, measuring instruments. In accordance with the curriculum for the preparation of bachelors in the specialty 5В071800 – Electrical power engineering, training, production and pre-diploma practices are envisaged. The department has developed working programs for all types of practices. The main practice bases are JSC “Kentau Transformer Plant”, JSC “Kentauenergo”, LLP “Ontustik Zharyk”, JSC “KEGOC”, etc. The Kentau Transformer Plant donated its laboratories and production facilities for the conduct of the educational process, all types of practices, and also provided social guarantees for the employment of graduates.

Computer engineering computer labs equipped with modern software tools that promote quality educational process.
All laboratories are equipped with electrical and electronic installations, measuring devices.
In accordance with the curriculum of Bachelor in specialty 5B071800 – Electric provides educational, industrial practice.
At the department developed a work program on all types of practices. The main bases of practice are JSC “Kentau Transformer Plant”, JSC “Kentauenergo” LLP “Ontustik Jaryk”, JSC «KEGOK» and others.
Businesses and organizations of the region provide the department practice base for the passage of industrial practice, statistical data for writing dissertations.
University annually concludes a contract for practical training of students. These databases practice fully meet the needs of the department. In addition, students who are studying on a contract basis with payment by JSC “Kentau Transformer Plant” submitted to the practices of the factory.
On the ground of the contract between the university and the JSC “Kentau Transformer Plant”, 3-course students one time per week spend a creative day at the factory. At this time, students take study tours to the new shops of the plant, power plant testing, familiar with the construction and operation principles of transformers, studying the processes of production and distribution of electric energy.
Kentau Transformer Plant donated their laboratories and production facilities for the training process, all types of practices, as well as give social guarantees on employment of graduates.

The department of Electrical Engineeringworks on the International cooperation with the following organizations:

  • with the Institute of problems of Management of RAS of the Russian Federation;
  • with the Moscow power institute;
  • with the Tashkent state technical university of A. M. Beruni, the Tashkent institute of light industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Staff of the department supervises the scientific work of students. At the department operates circle “Young Energy”. Students also participate in specialty contests and Scientific Conference.
The students are send the best works of to the base of universities in the II stage of competitive selection. During the selection of the appropriate committee determines the best works, the authors of these works are awarded with diplomas of MES RK and financially encouraged by the order of the President of the University. Following the conference the University of publish scientific articles of students “Young Scientist”, which includes the best works of students and undergraduates.

At department Educational work is assigned to curators. They coordinate the activity within planning and realization educational and study in faculty and at department.  Curators have been approved by the order on faculty.
Faculty administration meets regularly with the students of different categories: students ask questions concerning general university life. Basing on the suggestions of students, efforts to improve the students’ life are taken.
Every week our deanreceives students with their personal issues, and students ask questions via the website of the university.
Taking into account the students’ proposals the prices at the university canteens are fixed and they are the lowest in the city. Students actively participate in actions to improve the quality of the canteens.
In general, students of department actively participate in Republican, regional, city, university actions:
– in the celebration of official holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan (competitions of wall newspapers, curator hours, city festive actions, solemn meetings);
– in competitions and festivals of university (Knowledge Day, Day of University, Dedication in students, Talents of first-year students, New Year’s balls, Student’s spring, city and regional competitions and actions)
There are diplomas and awards;
– in sporting events (basketball competitions among girls and young men, to volleyball, cross-country skiing, etc.);

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