Bachelor of Natural Sciences 5V011600 – “geography”


Aims of  general education

  • Respect relation for the Constitution of the country, traditions, culture and literature, for values of Turkish-speaking peoples, education in mind of patriotism;
  • Preparation of highly competitive geographers – teachers appropriating international standards and development of students’ social and personal qualities that provide psychological learning process – pedagogical conditions, and also social aspects of the learning process.

General Education Task In the field of the specialty “Geography” mastering software of professional knowledge and experience, and methods of modern teaching technology.


Bachelor specialty 5V011600 – “Geography” must know the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law “About education” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “The rights of children in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and other normative – legal acts related to education, the basics of pedagogy and psychology.

In educational institutions Geograph – teacher as a specialist organizes the pedagogical process and field geographical work, prepares plans and programs of training – field events, participates in the preparation of science projects, prepares teaching work programs, and masters of skills in solving problems on the educational process, using informational technology in the field of pedagogy and is able to conduct research activities.

• Be able to critically evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the information, thinking, arguments to prove their point of view and proposing new solutions;

• Ability to work in a team, is able to put forward its decision to issue coinciding with the collective opinion;

• Knows the socio – ethical behavior based on social norms.

Ability to use

• Must be able to prove their opinion and come up with new ways to solve problems;

• Must possess the qualities of personal and professional growth;

• Must be able to use the skills systematically, educated, convincingly and concretely to speak and write. 


• Using the laws Sciences of Earth should be able to organize and carry out practical and field research;

• Be able to and solve problems and situations arising from the nature of the dangerous exogenous processes and phenomena.

State compulsory module

• The modern history of Kazakhstan

• Informational – Communication Technologies (in English)

• Philosophy


Module – Geography

• General geography

• General Geology

• Introduction to the social, economic and political geography

Module – Psychology and physiology

• Psychology and Human Development

• Age physiology and school hygiene

Module – School Pedagogy

• Pedagogy  I

• Theory and methods of educational work

Module – Soil

• Geography of soils

• Mapping the basics of topography

Module – The geography of continents and oceans

• Physical geography of continents and oceans

• Geomorphology 

Module – Local history

• Fundamentals of Tourism and Local History

• Natural

Module – Geography I

• Geography of Population

• Biogeography

Module – Methodology

• Methods of teaching geography


Module – management, organization, evaluation

• Inclusive education

• Measurement and evaluation technology

• Management in Education

Module – Regional geography

• Physical geography of Central Asia

• Economic and social geography of the CIS

• The geography of the modern world

Module – Geography of Kazakhstan

• Physical Geography of Kazakhstan

• Economic and social geography of Kazakhstan

Module – Geography II

• The physical geography of the CIS

• Economic, social and political geography of the world

Module – Political and economic geography

• The economic geography of the world

• Political geography with the geopolitics basics 

University Elective Module

• History of the Turkish states

• Yasauivedenie

• Psychology of interpersonal communication

• Politology

• Akmeology

• Culture and religion

• Sociology

• Fundamentals of Safety of life

• Environment and Sustainable Development

• Law basics

• Economic theory

• The principles of Ataturk

• Critical thinking

• Record keeping in the state language

• Occupational Safety and Health

• Mangilik el

Modules of individual educational trajectories

IOT1 – Geography of natural resources

Module – Geography of natural ingredients

General hydrologyMeteorology and climatology

Module – Geoecology

Degradation of geosystems of Kazakhstan

Geography of the service sector

Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan

IOT2 – Recreational geography

Module – Geography Nature Protection

Recreational geography

Geographical bases of nature conservation

Module – Geographical research

Actual problems of geography


Geography of Turkish states

Professional practice
Training – field trips are conducted according to the terms specified in the standard MES of RK:
For the 1 course – “Training – Trial Practice” gorge of the river Mashat – 3 weeks;
For the 2.3 – courses – “Continious teaching practice” in schools in Turkestan and Kentau in spring semester (the curriculum – Course 2 – 3 weeks, 3 – course – 2 weeks);
For the 4 – course in schools of the region and the republic and “Practical training in specialty” in the gorge Mashat – 10 weeks;
For the 4 – course “Pre-diploma Practice” carried out in the region and the country’s schools, as well as an experienced places of the Department of Ecology and Chemistry, Botanical Garden IKTU named Khoja Ahmed Jasaui – 5 weeks.

In what institutions have students their practice?
• University of Cyprus
• «Karatau State Nature Park”
• Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpaev
• SKO. Turkestan, boarding school named after N.Ondasynova
• Kentau City Regional Boarding School “Daryn” for gifted children
• SKO. Turkestan, grammar school №15 named after M.Zhumabayev
• SKO. Turkestan, municipal state institution comprehensive school №22
• SKO. Turkestan, №5 comprehensive school
• SKO. Turkestan, comprehensive school №23
• SKO. Turkestan, comprehensive school №20
• SKO. Turkestan, comprehensive school named after M. Mametova
• SKO. Baidibek district, village Madeniet, secondary school Mynbulak
• SKO. Turkestan, secondary school named M.Abenovoy
• SKO. Turkestan, №1 comprehensive school named after A. Baitursynov
• SKO. Turkestan, №2 comprehensive school named after Hamza
• SKO. Turkestan, comprehensive school №17 named after Alisher Navoi

Short information



Specialty code



Natural Sciences

Educational level

First Higher Education

Mode of study


The main subject


A passing score

88 points

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