Qualification: the bachelor of natural sciences in 6В054 of Mathematician


General purposes of the educational program:

– To cultivate respect for the constitution of Kazakhstan, culture and literature, values, obychiya, traditions of Turkic-speaking nationalities in the spirit of a national patriotism;

– To develop the personal and social sides of the student, to provide training activity in a favorable psychology and pedagogical situation, and also to train mathematicians of the top professional skills, capable to realize related professional activity and to be competitors capable at the international level. 

General tasks of the educational program:

– To prepare professionally steady and popular bachelors who seized common cultural and professional competences, able to be competitive in the international and national labor markets;

– To prepare the bachelors who seized skills of the scientist-researcher able to use the modern scientific methods;

– To prepare bachelors, capable to prove and protect the views from the scientific point of view, to independently solve professional problems at the modern level.



  • knows theoretical fundamentals of science of mathematics: object, subject, place and communication of mathematics with science in general, categorical system of scientific knowledge, methodology and logic of scientific research;
  • knows the theory and a technique of planning and the organization of communicating process, including with use of a foreign language;;
  • knows standards, mathematical models, programming languages, application program packages;.


  • puts into practice the advanced mathematical methods and methodologies in the relevant branch;
  • applies information and telecommunication technologies at the level of the qualified user, programs with use of the modern work benches;
  • is able to generalize and draw conclusions by results of research and development operation; to recognize an essence of mathematical reasonings;
  • critically analyzes experience of experts, scientific literature and normative documentation, is able to project and approve the innovations; to analyze and estimate results of implementation;


  • owns skills of selfregulation and a reflection; critical and innovative thinking; realization, formulation and solution of mathematical problems;
  • solves and programs application-oriented problems, owns skills of the analysis of efficiency of their functioning,
  • owns skills of guiding of occupations at schools, technical and professional educational institutions;


  • is competent of the current trends of development of information technologies and ways of their application in research and development, design, production and technological and organizational and administrative activities.

State mandatory module

  • The modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Information and communication technologies (in English language)
  • Philosophy 

Communicative module

  • Kazakh (Russian) language
  • Foreign language (English)
  • Turkish 


Modul-Matematika І

  • Analytical geometry І
  • The linear algebra of I
  • Mathematical analysis of I

Modul-Matematika ІI

  • Mathematical analysis of II
  • The linear algebra of II

Modul-Matematika ІІІ

  • Functions of many variables
  • The valid analysis
  • Logic theory І

Modul-Matematika ІV

  • Multivariate analysis and field theory
  • Ordinary differential equations І

Modul-Profilirushchiye disciplines

  • The functional analysis
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics І

Modul-Matematika V

  • Differential геометрияІ
  • Complex анализІ
  • Differential equations of private derivatives І

Modul-Matematika VІ

  • Differential geometry ІІ
  • Complex analysis ІІ

Modul-Matematika V ІІ

  • Ordinary differential equations ІІ
  • Differential equations of private derivatives ІІ

Modul-Vychislitelnye methods

  • Computing methods
  • Physics of I

Modul-Metodika teaching mathematics

  • Elementary mathematics of I
  • Technique of teaching mathematics

Module High school component

  • History of the Turkic states
  • Yasavivedeniye
  • Psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Sociology
  • Bases of akmeology, ethics of personal and social success
  • Culture and religion
  • Political science
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Right bases
  • Economic theory
  • Ataturk’s principles
  • Critical thinking
  • Office-work in a state language
  • Labor protection
  • The m әң гілік ate
  • Prevention of mental health and prevention of suicides
  • Self-knowledge


IOT 1 General topology


  • Mathematical programming
  • ТопологияІ

Modul-Topologiya ІІ

  • Topology ІІ
  • The difference equations
  • Special functions

IOT2 of Prikladnayanaya of mathematician

The module – the Number theory

  • Number theory
  • The higher geometry І

Modul-Sovremennye problems

  • The modern problems of applied mathematics
  • Integralnyeuravneniya
  • Application of an information technology in mathematician (Maple)

Professional practicians

Industrial practice practicians are carried out according to standards, RK approved by the Ministry of Education and Science:

On the 1st course “Educational and fact-finding practice” in educational laboratory of the Mathematician department is carried out. Period – 3 weeks;

On the 2, 3 courses “Work practice” in educational laboratories of the Mathematician department is held. Periods – for 3 weeks;

On the 4th course the work practice in the specialty” (period – 10 weeks) at regional, republican schools and research institutes is held “, and also “Externship” (period – 5 weeks) in educational laboratories of the Mathematician of the International Kazakh-Turkish University department of Hodges Ahmet Yasavi is held.

In what institutions our students can do practical training?

  • Aktyubinsk state university of K. Zhubanov
  • Fundamental Mathematics department Kazakh National at

Short reduction



Specialty code



Natural Sciences

Educational level

University degree

Type of training


Discipline of choice


Passage ball



For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

350 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.

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