Seytova Meruert Ergeshkhodzhayevna
PhD, Senior teacher, head of the department

English Philology Department

At the Department of English Philology, all types of classes are organized according to the specialization of our university in accordance with the state program of higher professional education. The department also carries out  graduate and post-graduate education programs . The teaching staff is experienced and qualified.

Nowadays the department prepares bachelors on the specialities of 5B011900 (6В017) – Foreign Language: two foreign languages ​​(English and Turkish), English and Chinese languages ​​(English and Arabic), 5B021000 (6В023) – Foreign Philology (English), 5B020700 (6В023) – Translation Studies (English) and masters on the specialties of  6M011900 (7M017) – Foreign Language: two foreign languages ​​(English and Turkish)  6M021000(7M023) – Foreign Philology (English). In 2016, according to the rating of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  the specialty  of 5B011900 (6В017) – Foreign language: two foreign languages ​​won the 2nd prize.

In order to exchange experience, the department  invites  the professors of the highest profile. In particular, L.N.Gumilev Eurosian National University  professor  E.Nurahmetov, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University professor Zh.Abuov, M.H.Dulati Taraz State University R.Imanaliyeva and foreign professors like professor from Nebraska University (USA) D.Harnish, professor Bell from Oxford University(UK) visited the department and shared their experiences with the teaching staff of the department.

Graduates of the department Zh.Tolebekov and N.Salgarayev became recipients of the International “Bolashak” program scholarship. Zh.Tolebekov got his MA degree at one of the Universities of Switzerland and N.Salgarayev earned his MA degree from University of Toronto (Canada).

The scientific potential of the department is 44.0%. There are 4 candidates of sciences, 1 associate professor, 8 candidates of sciences, 7 senior teachers and 7 master teachers and 1 foreign citizen at the department.
In order to improve the qualifications of the teachers of the department, the teachers of the department S. Nyshanova, M. Seitova, G. Makenova and A. Yermekbayev studied at the Fatih University in Turkey during the 2012 academic year, in the 2014-2012 academic year Z. Sakhitzhanova and M. Seitova was enrolled in the University of Newcastle, R. Adilbaev, A. Amanbaev at the University of Norwich (Great Britain). M. Seitova at the University of Buffalo USA 2013-2014, Z. Sakhitzhanova and R. Adilbayev in the 2014-2015 academic year at Leiden University (Netherlands), the 2016-2017 academic year B. Turlybekov and R. Batyrkhanova at the International University of Leicester (United Kingdom) conducted “Scientific internships.” This indicator is successful for the department. Students of the department also contribute to the development of the department. Abibullaev Dauletkhan, a student of the FAD-611 group, took 3rd place at the Republican Student Scientific Conference held in 2018. In order to increase the scientific potential of the department in the 2014-2015 academic year, M. Seitova and L. Kazykhanovna were sent to the University of Hacepete in Turkey. They successfully defended theses and continue to work at the department.

Teacher of the department G. Makenova arranged on December 6, 2018 the lesson on the topic “Spiritual modernization: the task of modern youth.”
February 6, 2019 G. Makenova conducted lesson on three epidemics: drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
Teachers of the department M. Akeshova, G. Rizakhodzhaeva held an open lesson on the topics “Ayel-Ana”, “Ayel-Aru”, and “Ayel-Gul” on March 8, 2012 – on Women’s Day. On March 7, teachers of the department carried out educational activities with students.

1 Seitova Meruert Ergeshkhazhayevna Head of department PhD
2 Aitbayeva Nursaule Konarbaevna Acting Associate Professor C.Ph.Sc.
3 Turlybekov Berdibay


Acting Associate Professor C.S.Sc.
4 Sakhitzhanova Zada Omargaziyevna Acting Associate Professor C.Ph.Sc.
5 Nyshanova Saltanat Tynybekovna Associate Professor C.P.Sc. Associate Professor
6 Akeshova Madina Murzahanovna Acting Associate Professor PhD
7 Sagdullayev Ibrohim Irismatovich Senior Instructor PhD
8 Rizakhodzhayeva Gulnara Abdumazhitkyzy Acting Associate Professor PhD
9 Meirbekov Akylbek Kairatbekovich Acting Associate Professor PhD
10 Kazykhankyzy Lazura Senior Instructor PhD
11 Meirbekov Asylbek Kairatbekovich Senior Instructor PhD
12 Segizova Galia Turashovna Senior Instructor
13 Ulbosyn Karakulova Erzhanovna Senior Instructor
14 Adilbayeva Rsaldi Kurmashovna Senior Instructor
15 Kasymbekova Aliya Korganbayevna Senior Instructor
16 Batyrkhanova Raushan Sultankhanovna Senior Instructor
17 Aripzhan Gulnur Zhoyanovna Senior Instructor
18 Makenova Gaukhar Tanirbergenovna Senior Instructor
19 Sherimbetova Meruert Aliyevna Master teacher
20 Erbota Ainur Saparovna Master teacher
21 Dadashov Dilmurat Temirbayevich Master teacher
22 Orazkhan Nurlan Orazkhanuly Master teacher
24 Baydauletova Aigerim Daurenovna Master teacher
25 Muzapparova Aigul Kuanyshbekovna Master teacher

Филология факультеті ФАД-611 тобының студенті Ануарбекова Арайлым ” TURKISTAN:ONE WAY-ONE HISTORY” халықаралық туристік инвестициялық форумда Ұлыбритания,Индия елдерінен келген қонақтарға Түркі әлемінің тарихы муражайымен таныстырды



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