Аударма ісі: (ағылшын тілі)


Bachelor of Humanities


The purposes of general education:

  • To give general information about peculiarities of translation work and this profession;
  • Ability to work with original texts of different genres and styles, to know the professional role of the translator.

Tasks of general education:

  • Teaching the role and importance of translation specialists in the field of intercultural communication;
  • To teach obligations of the interpreter in the field of professional communication.



  • Develops communication skills in the field of intercultural communication, taking into account social peculiarities;
  • Gets information about the national culture of the country whose language is being taught

Able to use:

  • Must be able to use informational technologies within professional activities;
  • They should be able to work with informational literatures and other sources of information (the Internet, electronic dictionaries).


  • Must know to do scientific researches, editing in foreign languages, information technology of preparing annotation.


  • Must be able to use knowledge, qualification and skills acquired in the process of training future specialist during the professional activities .

State obligatory module

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Information technology for professional purposes
  • Philosophy 

Communicative module

  • Kazakh (Russian) language
  • English language
  • Turkish (Kazakh) language


  • Module – Foreign Language and Phonetics
  • Practical phonetics of English
  • Practical grammar of English I

 Module – Introduction to the specialty

  • Introduction to English linguistics
  • Introduction to English Literature
  • Practical grammar of English II 

Module – Foreign language Intermediate level

  • English (B2 level)
  • Listening and speaking in English I

Module – Translation Practice I

  • Practice in Speech Communication
  • Translation Practice I
  • Record Keeping in the English  Language

Module – Translation Practice II

  • Listening and speaking in English II
  • English press language
  • Translation Practice II

Module – Translation Practice III

  • English (C1 level)
  • Translation Practice III
  • Linguistic translation

Module – Theoretical course

  • Translation theory
  • General English Linguistics

Module – Methodology

  • Methods of teaching English
  • Translation Technique (Methods)

Module – Synchronous Translation I

  • English literature and its translation
  • Synchronous translation practice in English I

Module – Synchronous Translation II

  • English (C2 level)
  • Synchronous translation practice in English II
  • Linguistic and Cultural Studies

Elective module of the university

  • History of Turkic Countries
  • Yassawi Studies
  • Psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Political science
  • Acmeology, Fundamentals of Personal and Social Achievements
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of Life Safety
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Economic theory
  • Ata-Turk Principles
  • Basics of Life Safety
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Critical Thinking
  • Keeping records in the state language
  • Labour safety


Module – Problems of literary work

  • Literary creativity in English (essay)
  • Lexicology of English

Module -Linguistic Theory

  • Comparative functional stylistics
  • History of English
  • Basics of Translator’s Activity

Module –Language word-formation

  • English dialects
  • Stylistic analysis of literary works 

Module – Language culture

  • English folklore
  • English rhetorical art
  • Communicative culture

Professional practice

1st year Academic Practice I (3 weeks)

2nd year Pedagogical Practice  II (3 weeks)

3rd year Pedagogical Practice I (2 weeks)

4th year Professional practice III (10 weeks)

4th year Pre-diploma practice at the University (5 weeks)

In what institutions can students take the practice?

  • Turkestan, №1 A. Baitursynov secondary school
  • Turkestan, A.Yugnaky secondary school
  • Turkestan, №17 Ataturk gymnasium
  • Turkestan, №22secondary school
  • Turkestan, No. 9 Nekrasov Gymnasium
  • Turkestan, № 5 Gani Muratbayev secondary school
  • Turkestan, M. Secondary school named after Abenova
  • Turkestan, №19 secondary school
  • Turkestan, M. Abenova secondary school
  • Turkestan, № 31 Abai secondary school
  • Turkestan, Turkestan Humanitarian and Technical College
  • Turkestan Akhmet Yassawi Professional College
  • Kentau,  Kentau multidisciplinary college

Short details


Translation (English)

Specialty Code:


Faculty Philology

Level of study: First higher education

Form of study: full-time

Profile subject: English

Passing point: English 90

Tuition fees:

For citizens of RK


350 000 тг.

For foreigners


500 000 tg.

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