Characteristics of the program

6D050600 Economics

Academic degree: PhD in specialty 6D050600 «Economics» (PhD). Areas of professional activities: government companies, organizations and institutions of all types of property, scientific research institutes. Objects of market professional activity: national and local public authorities, companies by service type – production and economic, marketing, financial, monitoring and expert institutions, research institutes, secondary and higher education and professional institutions, universities.

Types of professional activity:

– Research Fellow in Economics;

– Employees of state and municipal authorities;

– Marketing Specialist, production and economic issues, and financial expert;

-Scientific leader in higher education.

The content of professional activity:

  • use and manage technology in the real sectors of the economy and organizations; • planning, training investment, innovative procedures and environmental management procedures;
  • maintenance of foreign economic activity of enterprises and organizations;

As  a result analysis of the needs formulated goals of the educational program specialty 6D050600-Economy:

– Preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, capable of innovation in the field of science, education and management.

– Preparation of specialists with fundamental educational, methodological and research training and are ready to join the ranks of scientists and obtain the degree of Doctor PhD.

Outgoing of the goals of the educational objectives of the program in the specialty 6D050600-Economy on preparation of doctoral students in the context of learning outcomes describe competence based on the knowledge and skills that students should acquire during the training. These include:

– To develop students’ ability to self-improvement and self-development, the needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life;

– Training with a high level of training, can be formulated and practically solve modern scientific and practical problems, to successfully research and management activities.

– Formation of abilities to analyze the activity of economic entities, to make scientifically sound conclusions and to choose appropriate form of organization of production and management, to make management decisions;

– The skills to build and use models to describe and predict the processes, events, situations, while promoting their qualitative and quantitative analysis and synthesis;

– Develop the ability to operate large data of scientific information to work independently with different sources and able to use computer technology for solving professional problems;

– Development of abilities to process the results, analyze and interpret them in the available statistical and accounting data;

– Instilling ownership of general scientific methodology skills, logic and technology of scientific research.

Achieving the goals of the educational program include general scientific, social and instrumental competence, and professional competence.

The educational program is aimed at ensuring the leadership of teachers and doctoral specialty 6D050600 – «Economics» in the field of education and science. Taking into account the available intellectual, human and logistical capacity, partnerships in Kazakhstan and abroad, and the modern trends of development of the regional economy priority directions of educational programs specialty 6D050600-Economy.

The priorities in the formation of the educational objectives of the program are:

– Compliance with the objectives and structure of the educational program to the requirements of the European and national qualifications;

– Focus on the competitiveness of the international labor market;

– Consideration of best practices of universities (both in the country and abroad), engaged in the program;

– To create and support an enabling environment for the implementation of educational innovation and the development of creativity of students.

The program is aimed at ensuring the leadership of teachers and doctoral specialty 6D050600 – «Economics» in the educational and scientific fields. Indicators reached the department, may become benchmarks that determine the direction and level of its further development. Taking into account the available intellectual, human and logistical capacity, partnerships in the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign priorities of educational programs specialty 6D050600-Economics have been identified.



  • mastering the current state of the economy in the context of globalization and internationalization, independently develops and do research, plan and implement them. To master the basic requirements and rules national and international publications;
  • approbation of data obtained in the study;
  • mastering teaching skills using modern methods and technologies of teaching.


  • able to systematically develop research methods and skills in the labor education;
  • plans and develops a complex process of research;
  • has its own publications in national and international publications rating publications;
  • The status can establish relationships on the profile of his subject with scientific institutions and societies;
  • can systematically analyze and evaluate new and complex ideas;


Scientific researcher, research manager, employers and university employees must comply with the requirements.

Selected students’ competencies are formed during the development of the modules of the educational program. Elective Modules educational programs allow students to make a choice for a specific learning paths.

BASIC profiling module:

Module – State obligatory module

  • Methodology of Economic Research

The modular Elective Modules

  • The theory of economics
  • The mechanisms and methods of economic development
  • Investment and innovation activity of economic entities
  • methodology and theory estimation of competitiveness
  • Cluster Economy
  • Development of the regions of Kazakhstan
  • Strategic Planning of Kazakhstan
  • The stability of the national economy and integration

Professional practice:

Time of practice corresponds to the periods set out in the standards approved by the MES RK:

On the first course “Pedagogical Practice” – 3 weeks;

On the first course “Research Practice” – 8 weeks;

Short reduction



Code of specialty



Social science

Levels of education

Basic higher

Type of training



Passing exam score

Tuition fee

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

1 100 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

1 500 000 tenge.

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