– Bachelor of economics and business in “Finance”




Overall goals of educational program:

– Forming and developing the personal-social qualities of students: purposefulness, organization, diligence, responsibility, civility, sociability, improvement of  their general cultures, tolerance, comprehension of social implications and social consequences of professional activity in accord with profile of preparation for “Finance”;

– Creation on basis of integration of education and science, effective system of scientific, research and educational personnel which able to solve problems in the improvement of society, economics, manufacture, education, science, work out breakthrough technologies and innovations;

– Forming the professional competences of the economists and financiers in a new formation which allow for graduating student to work successfully in financial sphere and in the real sector of economics, in the field of public and private finance, to be socially and mobile and competitive in the labor-market;

– Forming the readiness of graduates for using theoretical knowledge in practical activities; ability economically proves management decisions.


Goals of educational programs:


-Securing the execution legislative and normative acts and applications regulating financially and account;

– Observance control of financial discipline in the all professional activity spheres;

– Rational organization of finance in the structural divisions;

– Application of financial management in insurance companies, banking institutions, lending agencies, the activity of business entities;

– Budget planning and the estimate of efficiency budgetary expenditures;

– Monitoring and management of financial risks.




The bachelor in specialty 5В041 – Finance has to know:

– Foundations of the RK`s Constitution, legal norms, regulating economic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and international relationships;

– Ethical, principles of law which adjusting interpersonal attitudes between specific subject and society, person and environment and to consider these knowledge in practice;

– Main directions in the humanities and socio-economic sciences;

–  Bases the organization of fiscal and monetary accommodations, theoretical and practical aspects of function the finance and banking system, foreign experience in organization of finance and corporate finance, and the world practice in using finance and credit instruments for the market regulation

Has to be able:

– To use skills and knowledge in the professional and social activities;

– To set a goal and to define a problem connecting with realization professional functions;

– To find settlements of the routine problems and solve substandard goals, to work independently at the positions requiring analytical approach;

– To use knowledge on money, credit, finance, law theories in the practical activities, to understand essence of the main phenomena and the pending problems in the sphere management of financial and credit system;

– To apply forms and methods of a financial and legal mechanism to steady, stable functioning of system, agency, and subject of economical or other activities within the legal framework specified by legislative acts of RK and the international standards of the rights;

– To estimate the place of any financial credit institutes in the system of financial institutes and banks;

– Organize the work of performances.



To have the skills:

– Method of computer assembling, storage and information processing using for professional activities;

– Professional knowledge in the field of finance and credit, law, accounting and control, analysis of economic activity, statistics, the legal basis of an entrepreneurship and commerce, audit, equity market, marketing and management, economic-mathematical modeling, special financial and credit and legal disciplines;

– Practical work in the financial and budget sphere, banking and insurance case, taxation, share and currency markets, legal services in these spheres constantly changing business conditions.


To be competent:

– In the field of the financial banking legislation;

– Issues the monetary and fiscal policy of the state;

– Generalizations and adaptations of positive foreign experience to domestic conditions.

State compulsory module

Ÿ History of Kazakhstan

Ÿ Information technologies for professional goals

Ÿ Turkish (Kazakh) language – (Level 2)*

Ÿ Philosophy


Communicative module

  • Kazakh (Russian) language*
  • English language (Level 1)*
  • English language – (Level 2)*
  • Turkish (Kazakh) language – (Level 1)*



Module – Introduction to economy

  • Economic mathematics
  • Economic theory
  • History of economic thought


Module – Theoretical bases for finance

  • History of development finance
  • Money, credit and banks


Module – Basis of micro – macroeconomics I

  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I


Module – Finance and accounting

  • Finance
  • Accounting I

Module – Control in a bank system and statistical activity

  • Statistics
  • Banking I
  • Audit I


Module – Management and marketing

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • State regulation of economics


Module – Management and organization of financial calculation

  • Management accounts I
  • Financial control
  • Audit II



Module – Accounting activities and taxation


  • 1С Accounting  I
  • Accounting  IІ
  • Tax and taxation  І


Module – Regulation the level of financial debt and taxation

  • Tax and taxation II
  • National debt
  • Corporate finance
  • Management of strategically finance


Module – Institutes of financial markets

  • Tax and taxation III
  • Financial markets
  • Insurance market


Organization issues of banking activities


Financial analysis of banks and banking system


  • Financial analysis the activity of commercial banks
  • Banking system of the foreign states


Bank transactions

  • Exchange operations
  • Bank management
  • Organization of the National Bank activities



Issues of financial system

Pricing and stock-exchange activities

  • Pricing
  • Stock-exchange



International and public finance

  • Financial leasing
  • Financial planning
  • International finance


1 course Work experience I (3 weeks)

2 course Work practice I (2 weeks)

3 course Work practice II (3 weeks)

4 course Work practice III (10 weeks)

4 course Pregraduation practice (5 weeks)



Departments of finance and economic

Banks of the second level

Ministry of state revenues


Insurance companies


Superannuation funds

Auditing firms

Enterprises in variety forms of ownership and sectors


Concluded contracts between organizations and institutions:


“Credit Collection Group” Co. Ltd

SKD Sozak district. Taukent city“Kazatomprom – Sauran” Co. Ltd

Chymkent city. “Saulet – beton” Co. Ltd

Kyzylorda city. “Kumkol – Service” Co. Ltd

Turkestan musical drama theatre

Turkestan city. Oryngay rural administration

SKD. Historical cultural ethnographical central museum GPME

Turkestan city. “Nysh – er” Co. Ltd

Accounting department in the K. A. Yasawi IKTU

Turkestan city. “Turkestan – Agro credit” micro financial organization Co. Ltd

Turkestan city. “The center of employment” KMM

Almaty city. “NAH” Co. Ltd

Turkestan city. “Teplovodaservice” Co. Ltd

Turkestan city. “Personal Service” Co. Ltd

Almaty city. Join stock company “DB KZI Bank”

SKD. Saryagash district. “MTPK South Daybreak” Co. Ltd

The national bank of Tuva Republic, Kzyl city.

Short information

Code of specialty
Social sciences
The first highest
Form of study
Full – time tuition
Component for choice
Profile subject
Lowest passing score
Payment for study

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

350 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.

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