Master degree in sociology and social sciences

The purpose and objectives of the educational program

General purpose of education

  • The scientific study of the problems of society;
  • Social system, the processes and phenomena  is able to examine and training sociologist highly-specialist;
  • Graduates of the educational program of social relations and specific objective analysis of the truth, of the ability to identify key trends and contraductions;
  • Graduates of the process of globalization and socio-economic consequences of the conflict, the role of science and education, scientific knowledge of the methodological and philosophical problems of the industry;
  • Master’s degree in the documents of the international education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and provides an international recognition of the labor market;

General education objectives

  • Self-development, able to the social, highly qualified specialists able to compete in an international labor market, as well as general and professional culture of elite professionals;
  • Professional mobility and create conditions for the supply of basic education at the crossroads of science;
  • Active in the life of the master’s  own personal creativity for developing new knowledge, abilities and needs;
  • The image of the world’s scientific knowledge is important to ensure the adoption of universal and sustainable development of undergraduates;

The results of the educational program


  • To solve the problems of social character special theoretical knowledge and practical skills mastered the complex;
  • Sociological typology of education, social development factors, types of social interaction, social procession developing the formulation of sociological analysis;
  • Social and sociological diagnostic methods used during the study of social processes;
  • Carries out professional activities aimed at studying the social status of the society;

State module

  • Pedagogy
  • Foreign language(Professional)
  • Phycology
  • History of science and philosophy

The module of profiling subjects

Professional optional module

  • Sociological research methodology
  • Sociological theories

Professional elective module

  • In the era of postmodern sociological theories
  • Transit institutional theories of society
  • Globalization and social institutions
  • Location of significant population
  • Sociological research modeling and prediction
  • Classical and modern theories of inequality
  • Traditional sociology; the interpretation of samples
  • Social problems of the modern research methods and technologies
  • Sociological research design and analysis
  • Government, society and culture
  • Strategies for qualitative research in sociology
  • Current problems of political sociology
  • The basis of the teaching of sociology

Social management and strategic planning


ЖБТ1 Әлеуметтік институттар мен  процестер бағыты бойынша

 Модуль – Қазіргі заманғы әлеуметтанулық теориялар

  • Әлеуметтік коммуникация теориялары
  • Визуальдық әлеуметтану: теориясы мен әдістері 

Модуль – Ұйымдар әлеуметтануы және персоналды басқару

  • Жаһандық әлеуметтік процесстер

Ұйымдар әлеуметтануы және басқару

ЖБТ2 Сараптамалық зерттеу бағыты бойынша

Модуль – Қоғамдағы мәселелерді әлеуметтанулық талдау

  • Ұйымдар мәдениетін әлеуметтанулық зерттеу
  • Қазіргі заманғы діни құрылымдарды салыстырмалы институцианалды талдау 

Модуль – Әлеуметтік антропология

  • Антропология және миграция әлеуметтануы
  • Этникалық процесстерді зерттеудің әдістері

Professional experiences

Educational and industrial practices carried out in the period specified in the standards approved by the MES of Kazakhstan

1-course.KhojaAxmetYassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University’s library ‘’Research practice’’-6 weeks;

2-course.Turkestan in the social department of the city administration “Research practice”-6 weeks;

2-course Khoja Axmet Yassawi International University in the Department of “Social Sciences”

“Pedagogical practice”- 6 weeks;

Master degrees will be able to get any training institution?

1.IKTU’s library

  1. IKTU’s (as a teacher)

3.Turkestan medical college

4.Turkestan humanitarian-technical college

  1. Turkestan in the social department of the city administration

Short reduction



Speciality cipher



Social sciences

Form of training

Full time

Tuition fees 

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

380 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.

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