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The purpose and objectives of the educational program

General purpose of education

  • Social and professional skills in the field of knowledge, providing the conditions necessary to obtain a fully qualified professional sociological knowledge;
  • In general, the  formation of high intellectual development, a well-educated and well-developed language, culture and humanitarian thinking sociological study to ensure the creation of conditions to ensure the scientific organization of labor conditions;
  • Student’s knowledge to create conditions to continue to the next level of higher sociological education;
  • Major maximum, as soon as possible to ensure employment opportunities for graduates of competitiveness of the labor market;

General education objectives

  • Explain the structure of the view of the face of modern society to students;
  • Social analysis, the nature of the emergence of social groups, social evaluation of the types of processes and areas of sociological concepts you need to know;
  • The main conditions for the emergence of social movements and development and classification of the factors of social development, social interaction forms to learn and to teach them to analyze;
  • Individual, social forms, trends and features of the regulation of social behavior patterns and forms of scientific explanation for the evaluation of sociological concepts;
  • To teach methods of sociological research;

The results of the educational program


  • Social character holds a special theoretical knowledge and practical skills to solve complex;
  • Typology of social education, social interaction, social process, developing the foundations of sociological analysis;
  • Know the method of classification of social phenomena and processes;
  • Develops domestic and foreign institutionalization sociology;
  • Can the apparatus of sociological knowledge category;
  • Study the social research methodology and technologies;

Able to use

  • Organization of sociological research, sociological research program, it is necessary to conduct sociological research and analysis;
  • Public must participate in the development of practical recommendations to solve problems;
  • Create a design forecasting expertise in the practice of social work;
  • In the study of social and objectification of supervision and ensure the accuracy of the information received from;
  • Potential in the form of various sociological tool and should be used to diagnose;


  • Social networks, their services, and social networks and communities need to know about the laws of the formation and development;
  • Public and private institutions and organizations in the social formation necessary to learn the basics of methodological;
  • Social analysis methods to interact with in real life phenomena and reliably need to know about the work of social services;
  • The real social research methods, social engineering and the real need to develop a sense of social work performance and technics;
  • Carries out professional activities aimed at studying the social status of the society;


A future sociologist – socio-political, socio-economic processes should be able to determine on the basis of current trends in the development of methods for the study of the interrelationship of social phenomena forecasting employers comply with the requirements of the development of competent.

State Mandatory Module

  • Contemporary History of Kazakhstan
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language
  • Kazakh(Russian) Language
  • Information and communication technology (English)

Social and Political Education Module

  • Sociology
  • Politology
  • Culturology
  • Psychology

Physical Training Module

  • Physical Culture

Basic subjects module

University Component

Module – Turkish Language        

  • Turkish (Kazakh) Language – (Level 1)*
  • Turkish (Kazakh) Language – (Level 2)*

Module  – Turkic World      

  • Yassawi Study
  • Principles of Ataturk
  • Turkic States history

Module – The main theories of sociology         

  • History of Sociology
  • Social Structure and Social Stratification

Module – Fundamentals of Sociology    

  • Methodology and methods of sociology
  • Youth sociology

Module – Special Sociological Theory    

  • Economic sociology
  • Social institutions and processes

Module –  The main methods of sociology      

  • Social and economic anthropology
  • Demography and social statistics

University Component Module

  • The psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Principles of Psychology of individual and social achievements
  • Culture and Religion
  • Basics of Life Safety
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Criticaland Systemic Thinking
  • Record Keeping in Kazakh Language
  • Labor Protection
  • Mangilik El
  • Prevention in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture
  • Digital Technology in Education`
  • Professional Digital Technology
  • Theories of Leadershıp
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Project and Process Management
  • Latin Graphics and Spelling

Basic disciplines module      

Optional components           

Educational trajectory for the specialization number 1 “Society and social system”

Module – Problems in education in society      

  • Sociology of Education
  • Planning and organization of sociological researches

Module – Social education of society

  • Ethnosociology
  • Management sociology

Module – Methodology of social systems

  • History of Economic Sociology and Methodology
  • Social system of society

Module – Social programs   

  • IT in applied sociology
  • Providing application software

Module – Regional sociology

  • Sociology of cities and villages
  • Sociology of mass communication

Educational trajectory for the specialization number 2 «Research Areas of Economic Sociology»

Module – Society and business      

  • Market Sociology
  • Entrepreneurial sociology

Module – Production and labor issues in the Company    

  • Sociology of production
  • Labor sociology

Module – Right of social project    

  • Law sociology
  • Project business in social work

Module – Psychological theories in sociology   

  • Sociology and Social Psychology
  • Sociology of group and collective

Module – Practical Branding         

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Empirical sociology
  • SPSS Data Processing

Profiling module University or optional component         

Module – Social cultural issues      

  • Family Sociology
  • Sociology of culture
  • Religious sociology

Module – Main directions of social protection of the population

  • Conflict sociology
  • Deviant behavioral sociology
  • Sociology of a Person
  • Social work

Educational trajectory for the specialization number 2 «Actual problems of social systems»

Module – Society policy        

  • Sociology of Public Opinion
  • Political axiology

Module – Actual problems of social protection of the population        

  • Social protection of the population
  • Actual problems of the population of Kazakhstan

Educational trajectory for the specialization number 2 “Society and social issues”

Module – Problems of ethnos and international relations in sociology

  • Sociology of Parliament
  • Demographics

Module – Actual problems of modern social philosophy            

  • Conflict sociology
  • Human and Society

University elective module

  • History of Turkish states
  • Yasawitanu
  • Interpersonal communication psychology
  • Political
  • Akmeology, private foundations and social achievements
  • Culture and religion
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ecology and Sustainable development
  • Fundaments of Law
  • Economical theory
  • The principles of Ataturk
  • Critical thinking
  • Government Paperwork
  • Labor protection
  • Eternal Nation

The trajectory of an individual educational modules

JBT1 Economic institutions in Society

Module – The development of entrepreneurship in society

  • Sociology market
  • Sociology of Business

Module – The social industry and labor issues

  • Sociology of Labor
  • Sociology of Industry

JBT2Sociology of modern Western

Module – Psychology theories of Sociology

  • Sociology and Social psychology
  • Sociology of group and team

Module – Practical branding

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Empirical sociology

Professional practice

Educational and industrial practices carried out in the period specified in the standards approved by the MES of Kazakhstan;

  • «Practical Experience», which will be held in the library of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named H.A.Yasavi in the 1st course – 3 weeks;
  • «Professional Practice» – 5 weeks at Turkestan Regional Youth Resource Center;
  • «Industrial Practice», which is held in the social department of the Turkestan City Administration in the 4th course – 10 weeks;
  • «Diploma with experience», held at the Department of «Social Sciences» of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named H.A.Yasavi in 4th year – 5 weeks.

In what institutions can students take the internships?

  1. The library of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named H.A.Yasavi
  2. Turkestan Regional Youth Resource Center;
  3. Turkestan Medical College (as social worker)
  4. Turkestan humanitarian and technical college (as social worker)
  5. Social department of Turkestan city administration
  6. In urban high schools (as social worker)
  7. Turkestan Statistical Division
  8. Government agencies
  9. Places of secondary and vocational education
  10. Research organizations
  11. Advisory services
  12. Social institutions dealing with relationships between people and society

Short reduction

Brief Information

Name of groups of educational programs


Name of educational program

Educational Program «6B031 – Sociology»


Social sciences

The level of education

Higher education

Form of training

Full time

Optional subject



Passing score

Kazakh 50+100 Russian 50-100

Tuition fees 

For citizens of RK



For foreigners


450 000

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