Bitemirov Kayrat Turlybayuly
Head of Department

History of department.

The department of “Jurisprudence” was founded in 1991 and associated with history  of forming of faculty of law. At forming of faculty of law the departments   of “Legal States Courses”, “Criminal law, process and criminology” and “Civil law and process”, functioned in composition. Prominent scientists-lawyers inlaying a large contribution to development of legal science of Kazakhstan worked in composition the special PPS department, such as the honoured worker of Science and technique of Kazakhstan Repaulic,  doctor of law science., professor E Kairzhanov, doctor of law science., professor T.Agdarbekov, doctor of law science., professor K.M.Iliasova, doctor of law science., professor N.B.Muhitdinov, working the public prosecutor of Turkestan town, skilled specialist, associate professor M.Seitkazy, working the chief of management of the Internal affairs Turkestan, colonel of police B.I.Nakipov  working the chief  of the Turkestan railway department of the Internal affairs, colonel of police A.B.Bahautdinov, also  candidate of law science., associate professor R.M.Seitova, candidate of law science., associate professor Z.Tulegenova, candidate of law science., associate professor ZH.Umirzakova,   candidate of law science., associate professor B.Begaliev, candidate of law science., professor N.M.Batyrbaev, associate professor IKTU  K.A.Baimuratova,  candidate of law science., associate professor Myrzabek Rolan Shaimerdenuly, candidate of law science., associate professor Zdukarimova Zhanar Saparhanova. Similarly, such scientists-lawyers worked from near abroad, as a professor M.S.Seidahmetov and doctor of law science., professor U.Chariyarov.
2014-2015 school year of department of faculty of law, such as “Legal States Courses”, the “Criminal law, process and criminology” and “Civil law and process”, were connected and was regenerated in a department of “Jurisprudence”. Presently department functions are composited in Faculty of social sciences.
The chief of the department is Candidate of law science (PhD) associated professor K.T.Bitemirov.
Aims and directions of department is prepearing specialists on specialities 5В030100, 6М030100, 6d030100 “Jurisprudence” carry out knowledge in area of civil, criminal disciplines and labour, earth, ecological and  in other industries of legal legislation,  personal and public interests sent to providing of legal discipline and legality in different industries of society. A primary purpose of faculty advisors  is department sector – preparation of highly skilled lawyers.
Bachelor Education (internal) – 4 years
Master Program:

  • scientific-pedogogical direction – 2 years.
  • Profile Direction – 1 year.

PhD program – 3 years.

Training of personnels on speciality 5В030100-“Jurisprudence” on a department “Jurisprudence” begun  with 1991. There is a license to training of personnels on speciality, the time is not limited. Training of personnels on speciality 5В030100-“Юриспруденция” comes true on the basis of KR SP 6.08.080-2010. Direction of training of personnels comes true in the daily, in absentia and simplified-speed-up and controlled from distance form of educating.

Educating in the daily form of academic degree of бакалавриата on speciality 5В030100-” Jurisprudence “-4 year, after the secondary special education 3, and in an in absentia form 2, in the дисстанционной form of educating 2.

From 2004-2005 school students of speciality “Jurisprudence” study on credit technology. American experience was taken in basis of preparation.Methodology of university Indiana of the USA, KNU vy name of Al-Farabi, KazEU of the name T.Rysculov research of practice of the system of credit technology in the process of  organization educational.

There is a license on training of personnels on speciality 6М030100- “Jurisprudence”     (Number of license 0137408, 03.02.2012ж), срок-неограничен. Term of education – 2 years.

6М030100- Jurisprudence is appropriated the graduating students of speciality academic degree  master’s “Degree of legal sciences”.

Preparation of doctor on speciality 6d030100- Jurisprudence is ratified and accepted by Ministry of Science and formation of KR after № 168 from February, 03, 2010. Term of educating – 3.

Graduating students of speciality “Jurisprudence” can be placed in a job in law enforcement authorities, judicial organs, in the organs of justice, in state commercial and noncommercial organizations, similarly to occupy in the field of scientific and pedagogical preparation, by research, methodical work.  Masters the competenses of the use of practical professional legal activity.

Themes of research works on speciality “Jurisprudence” ratified on the basis of decision 5.3 №185 from 15.06.2011г. Senate №6 the International Kazakh-Turkish university by name of H.A.Yessevi.  “Б- ҒТ – 03-01-11 priorities”: “Terms of providing of steady development of Kazakhstan and improvement of legislation” on this topic  the advanced study is registered in a center from 26.10.2011г. Manages the advanced study on this topic of doctor of law science., professor B.I.Nakipov.
On the research themes of faculty advisors
the scientific articles, monographs, train aid and учебно-методические manuals, are published. All scientific works are collected on a department. All advanced research studies of teachers and students, master students are published in international, republican and regional conferences.
Research, educational, study-methodological and educational works are put  in a planned river-bed. From the moment of creation of department and till today 8 teachers protected candidate’s dissertations successfully, got a scientific degree. The scientific articles of faculty advisors are published in the scientific magazines of near, distant foreignness (Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland).
Presently  in a faculty at the level of department under the direction there functioned student club”Adilet” which is managing by student of ZKT-211 group Zhunisbay One of the main functions are inviting specialists-lawyers and representatives of law enforcement authorities on participation of seminars and round table. On meeting the problems of production of civil and criminal cases come into question in a court. Similarly legal problems come into question between students.

– From September 2 to 6, the Department of Jurisprudence organized a seminar on the formation of an anti-corruption culture.

– As part of the “The Spiritual Renaissance” (Рухани жаңғыру)  was organized among students а program “Secular State Formation”.

– Our university holds various events to strengthen the friendship of the youth of the Turkic world.

  Оқытушының аты-жөні Қызметі Ғылыми дәрежесі Ғылыми атағы


Битемиров Кайрат Турлыбаевич Кафедра меңгерушісі з.ғ.к., (PhD) қауымдастырылған профессор
2. Батырбаев Нурлан Мухтарович ХҚТУ профессоры з.ғ.к., ХҚТУ профессоры


Нақыпов Балғабай ХҚТУ профессоры з.ғ.д., ХҚТУ профессоры
4. Мергенбаев Ержан Пернеханович з.ғ.к, аға оқытушы


5. Паридинова Айгул Есіркепқызы з.ғ.к, аға оқытушы


6. Шалхаров Ернар Сайлаубекович PhD, аға оқытушы PhD


Молдалиев Максат Сүйндикович П.ғ.к, доцент м.а.


доцент м.а.
8. Иманбекова Маншук Мажитқызы PhD, аға оқытушы PhD


Турлыбеков Кайратбек Аманжолович Аға оқытушы құқық магистрі


Хасанова Клара Рахимовна Аға оқытушы құқық магистрі


Көшербаева Гүльшат Нұрлыбекқызы Аға оқытушы құқық магистрі
12. Алимбаева Актолкин Алмасхановна Аға оқытушы құқық магистрі
13. Пошанов Нурсултан Нурбаевич Оқытушы құқық магистрі
14. Kожамбеков Даулет Рысбекович Оқытушы халықаралық құқық магистрі
15. Сабыр Айсұлу Сабырқызы Оқытушы құқық магистрі
16. Исахов Бақытжан Сейдиллаевич Оқытушы халықаралық құқық магистрі
17. Жуматаев Нурсултан


Оқытушы құқық магистрі
18. Тасымова Болган Назаровна Лаборант


Даханова Женискуль Оразбаевна Лаборант
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