The Qualification of

  • 6В041– Bachelor of Economics and Business Management


The general, the purpose of education:

  • to teach the management of the economy and management skills, theoretical knowledge and practical skills, learn the main directions of work of the institutions doing business, in the highest level necessary for the most important works in the field of business management training;
  • In order to meet the needs of the business, as well as needs of higher education institutions, research centers, and hold trainings of specialists to develop knowledge the work of foreign economy;
  • In order to meet the needs of the international institutions, regional institutions and centers of expertise, to teach management strategy and planning policy.

The general objectives of education:

  • The purpose of the current management and structure, the role and the importance of training professionals;
  • басқаруда жаңа ақпараттық технологияларды қолдана отырып, менеджмент ғылымының озық әлемдік тәжірибесін меңгерту;
  •  with the use of new information technologies, to teach management and development of advanced science of the world;



  • theoretical and methodological development, management can conclude, on the basis of the rules of professional activity;
  • In the case of a competitive environment can create a marketing point of view, to assess the business arrangements;
  • types of content, organization of labor, laws, principles, technologies and know how;
  • management in the field of media and their studies.

The ability to apply:

  • graduete degree in management should be able to apply theoretical and practical knowledge on the professional level;
  • Be able to communicate with international business partners in a foreign language;
  • Able to work with the new information technologies.


  • be able to establish a business relationship on the basis of the agreements and use the corporate governance principles, methods and technologies to resolve a conflict with the organization, management
  • be able to predict the short and long term future of the company

The Authority:

Future graduate managers should be in accordance with the requirements of enterprises and institutions.

State compulsory module

  • The Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Philosophy

Communicative module

  • Kazakh language
  • English language
  • Turkish language


Module  – Introduction to Economy

  • Economics in Mathematics
  • Economic Theory
  • History of Economic Thought

Module – Development of Management Sciences

  • Introduction to the science of Management
  • Logistics

Module – Fundamentals of the Micro-Macroeconomics

  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I

Module – Finance and Accounting

  • Finance
  • Accounting I

Module – Management services of organization

  • Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Production Management I

Module – Management and Marketing

  • Management II
  • Marketing
  • Regulation of economy by state

Module – Accounting and Financial Management

  • Management Accounting I
  • Financial Management
  • Module – Business Management
  • Business
  •  Production Management II
  • Innovative and creative management
  •  Professional Ethics

Module – Organization of Personnel Management

  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Management and organization

Module – Management Strategies 

  • Quality Management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Foreign trade operations
  • Business Valuation

Higher education elective module

  • The history of the Turkic states
  • Recognition of Yassawi
  • The psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Political
  • Akmelogos, private foundations and social achievements
  • Culture and Religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of Life Safety
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Economic Theory
  • Principles of Ataturk
  • Critical thinking
  • Paperwork by official government language
  • Labor protection
  • Eternal Country

Individual educational modules

IEM1 Strategic Management

Module – The Management of organizational development

  • Capital Management Organization
  • Crisis management
  • Investment Management

Module – the risk of an entity and project management

  • Risk Management
  • Project Management

IEM2 «Human Resources Management»

Module – “Human Resource Management”

  • decision-making process
  • Organizational behavior
  • Time Management

Module – Managing Organization staff

  • Personnel Audit and Controlling
  • Dispute Management

Professional practices

Training and production practices will be held, for the period specified in the standards approved by the Ministry of Education and Science the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1-year in city and regional enterprises « educational experience » – 3 weeks;

2-year in city and regional enterprises «Production experience I» – 2,5 weeks;

3-year in city and regional enterprises «Production experience II» – 2,5 weeks;

4-year in regional and republic enterprises «Production experience III» – 10 weeks;

4-year in regional and republic enterprises «Pre-diploma internship»  – 5 weeks.

In what institutions students can have practice?

  •   “Turkuaz Invest” Ltd
  •  Industrial Syndicate Ltd.
  • «Center Colors» Ltd
  • «Saulet Beton” Ltd.
  • “KazFoodProducts” Ltd
  •  “Pupil” Ltd
  • “KazTermoPlast” Ltd
  • “CAT Central Asian Trading” Ltd

Short reduction



Specialty code


Faculty of

Social Sciences

Educational level

The First Higher Education

Type of Study

Day Time

Elective Course


Profile Subject


The passing score of

kazakh 90, russian 88

Tuition fee is

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

350 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.