6М051000-Public and local Administration

6M051000 Master of Economics with a degree in Public and local Administration
Objectives of the educational program:
• The purpose of the educational system is education in the spirit of patriotism, respect for the customs
and traditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s peoples
• human, social and personal values;
• formation of culture and thinking of the environment, physical, ethical, legal culture
• language training;
• fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for professional activities
• provision of social and humanitarian knowledge as patterns of socio-economic development of the
state language and history of Kazakhstan, assimilation of modern information technologies and
international relations as a tool as a basis for knowledge of Russian and foreign languages
• providing basic knowledge of psychological, pedagogical and specialized nature as a basis for
professional knowledge
Tasks of the educational program:
• Training the purpose and structure of modern management, the role and importance of training
• Developing best practices using new information technologies in management
• Ability to conduct applied, methodological, fundamental scientific research;
• Ability to solve problem situations using innovative actions;
• Ability to protect the professional honor and dignity of the manager and compliance with the Code of

• Ability to show oneself in the solution of pedagogical tasks using the laws and principles of
management in practice;
• Mastering the knowledge system using your knowledge and skills;
Areas of use:
• Ability to use their theoretical and practical skills in the field of management in the professional field;
• Communication with international partners in a foreign language;
• Ability to work with modern information technology
• Ability to resolve conflicts and disputes arising on the basis of corporate management principles and
maintain a business (professional) atmosphere;
• Ability to analyze the development of the company for long periods;
• Governance in the state institutions by formulating descriptions of socio-economic issues
recommended by the descriptions of legal norms
• Knowledge of socio-ethical values ​​as the basis of the public norm, shows motivation for the reflexion
of specialty
• Teaching and informative
• Subjective
• Communicative
• Scientific and pedagogical

State compulsory module
• History of science and philosophy
• Foreign language (professional)
• Psychology
• Pedagogy

Modules of individual formation of trajectories
ITO1 -State Management of Personality
Module – Organizational Culture and Leadership
• Leadership and power
• Organizational culture in public institutions
Module-Innovative trend in the economy
• Energy, green economy and management
• Innovative development of foreign experience.
ITO2 – Regional Office
Module – Public Services and Personnel Management

• Foreign experience in the organization of civil service
• Local organization of the HR management system
Modul-Regional Development and Local Government
• Department of social and economic development of the region
• Local management of foreign models

Professional required module
• State regulation of the real sector of the economy
• Theory and practice of public administration
Professional Power Module
• Planning and organization of scientific research
• Methodological bases for the preparation of master’s theses
• Competitiveness of the national economy
• Management of innovation in the region
• State investment policy
• State financial policy
• Human Capital Management
• Strategy for the development of Kazakhstan’s economy
• Social and economic planning of public administration
• Management of public relations
• Project and government program management
• International economic integration

Additional types of training (ATE)
professional experience
Training and production practices will be conducted for the period specified in the standards approved
by the MOES:
• Training (3 weeks) (without separation)
• Research (6) during the first week
• Research II (6 weeks)
Research work
• Execution of master’s thesis including research work (without separation) *
• Execution of the master’s thesis including research work II
In which organizations, undergraduates can practice?
• Higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in other organizations can engage in
teaching and research activities.

Short reduction

Specialty code
Faculty of
Social Sciences
The level of education
Master of Economic Sciences, specialty Public and local Administration
Teaching form Daytime
Program description

Tuition fee

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

380 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

500 000 tenge.

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