The main goal of the Scientific-Research, Expert-Analytical and Methodological Center of Religion Studies named after Ahmed Yasawi is to conduct multi-vector, multilayered research works on fundamental scientific projects in the field of religious sciences in accordance with secular principles. Analysis of the history and foundations of religious processes in the history of mankind, determining of the culturally-forming function of religion, the assessment of religious issues in the present period, and the development of methodological instructions.

Objective: Through the conduct of fundamental scientific research, the development of current trends in paternal religious studies, the study of a new facet of the cultural heritage of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and the current issues of Turkic Islam in accordance with the present time, the translation into the state language of the worlds religious heritage and known researches in the science of religious studies, the establishment of partnership with foreign scientific and educational organizations in the field of religious studies, participation in competitions for obtaining grants and conducting fundamental scientific research at the national and international level, participating in research programs and projects of local and international organizations, conferences, organizing republican and international conferences, seminars and roundtables, conducting research on materials in the religious sphere, developing religious-theological recommendations in matters of the relationship between the state and religion and interfaith relations, the culture of spiritual harmony in society and religions relations, increasing religious studies and theological training of specialists in the religious sphere, the strengthening of ties of public institutions and organizations in the Republic in the field of religion, participation in the development of educational materials in the field of state confessional relations.