Educational programs at the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University based on higher professional educational competences, and teaching results.
This section comprises regulations which are used in the educational process of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University.

Rules of sending abroad within the academic mobility program

Rules for conducting appeals

Rules of organizing correspondence course at Akhmet Yassawi University

Академиялық ұтқырлық аясында оқытушы-профессорлар мен білім алушылардың іріктеу емтиханын ұйымдастыру және өткізу ЕРЕЖЕСІ

Rules of academic mobility of students, teaching staff and employees

Rules of changing to educational grants and quotas of the Republic of Turkey

Rules of Employers’ Council

Rules for organizing and conducting final attestations at bachelor courses according to credit technology

Rules for organizing educational process according to credit technology

General requirements for preparing and formalizing course works (projects)

Rules of preparing pedagogical strategies of  educational programs of specialties

Rules for preparing the main educational plans of specialties

МRules for preparing module (subject) catalogue

Rules for office managers

Rules for preparing working plan of a subject

Rules abour payment privileges for contract students of the university

— Аралық аттестаттауды ұйымдастыру және өткізу ережесі

— Университеттің ішкі құжат айналымы ережесі

— Магистратура мен докторантурада қорытынды аттестаттауды ұйымдастыру және өткізу ережесі

— Магистранттар мен докторанттардың ғылыми жұмыстарын (диссертацияларын) ұйымдастыру ережесі

— Положение о подготовке образовательных программ по специальностям

— Rules for the preparation of exam questions

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