Young Researchers Council

This is an organizational council among young scientists, which is engaged in establishing and realizing scientific, scientific-technological and innovational policy of the university.  Young researchers council includes: scientists under the age of 35, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students, doctors and candidates of science, teachers engaged with scientific research works. Young researchers’ council of the University appoints the chairman of each faculty. Council is a body that is engaged in organizing activities that supports young researchers outlooks and interests. Council is supervised by the vice president on science and innovational affairs, controlled by science and innovation department and Science department.

  • The main function of the Young researchers’ council – to support the professional development of young scientists, supporting their initiatives and setting of scientific staff of the University
  • Preparing proposals to improve the scientific activities of the university;
  • Showing impact on organization and financial support research works of young scientists, and promote the participation of young scientists in home and foreign projects, conferences, programs, scientific trainings and competitions;
  • Informing on conferences and seminars held in Kazakhstan and abroad, as well, informing on research projects and programs that provide grants for researches;
  • Organization of round tables, scientific conferences, seminars, and the best product competitions, and assisting in the publication of articles and reports;
  • Assisting to participate at home and foreign grant competitions, admission to MA course and PhD courses, to give advice in publishing articles in impact factor journals, and to do research works and defend the thesis;
  • Holding events to help young scientists in mastering the techniques and methodology of scientific research;
  • Impact on young researchers’ scientific-technical and cultural growth;

The council accomplishes the functions like establishing information databases of researchers in research institutions, and at universities.


«Жас ғалымдар» кеңесінің төрағасы

Исаев Ғани Исаұлы

«ЖОО-ның үздік оқытушысы 2018» грантының иегері


Қалдыбай Қайнар Қалдыбайұлы

PhD., доцент м.а.

«Жас ғалымдар» кеңесі төрағасының орынбасары

Раманкулов Шерзод Жумадуллаевич

PhD., доцент м.а.


Қазыханқызы Лазура


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