Employers’ Council

Dear administrators of educational and health organizations, institutions, manufactures, firms and companies. We invite you to choose our well educated students according to necessity. Also can become the member of Employers’ Council and you may introduce your institution and invite our students and select one of them. The council of employers exists in order to increase the quality professional training of specialists in our university. This aims of council of employers are enlarge the base of conducting practice to correspond the educational system with employers stipulation, to make up a program of preparing a specialist, to prepare a joint scientific programs, to take part in international  projects.

The aims and obligations of employers council:

  1. helps to solve the problems which appear in the process of training qualified specialists;
  2. to improve educational and research potential of the university according to the requirements of labour market;
  3. to support graduators in forming professional qualification according to employers suggestions;
  4. to participate in preparation of educational programs and conducting practices also realizing joint research works and projects
  5. to take part in accepting employers .

Every year 1500-2000 students graduate from our university and get diplomas. The percentage of our students who get jobs is increasing year by year. The university annually holds “Vacancy exposition” to attract the employers attention, also this exposition interests not only regional employers and but the republican employers also. For example in 2015 “Vacancy exposition” 97 representatives of organizations and companies participated, and in 2016 their number reached to 109 which were in 2015 year take part 95 organizations and legates of manufactures and the amount of participants in 2016 was109. Also it is useful to organize “round tables”, making presentations, and conducting master classes with participation of the representatives of manufacturers and organizations to get jobs.

According to three side agreements, our students our students conducting their practices in different organizations and companies. On the base of this agreement the students continue  their job after graduating from the university. Relatively such agreements were made with 250 till480 graduators to conduct practice in the manufactures and organizations, and we hope that this kind of agreements will continue.

Regulations on the employers ‘ Council

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