“Bolashak” international program was realized according to № 1394 regulation on 5 November, 1993 of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Call of time had its affect on realization of the program. The state had only got its independence, free market relations in economy, had its way to democratics and membership to global community, all these required to make a lot of reforms in the state. Realization of any reforms demands to have qualified personnel. By № 3375 on 3 March, 1997 decision of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the regulation about appointing rules of “Bolashak” international scholarship was prepared. The regulation deals with

accepting  documents and selection of candidates, moreover aims at employment of scholarship winners at the state positions and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The realization of the program is responsibility of the “Center of International Programs” stock holding by the decision of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 4 April, 2005.

 Full information: https://bolashak.gov.kz