Gulnara Zhumhaeva Kuralbekovna

Head of the center


The main activities of the Center of organization of educational process:
– coordination of the departments, faculties and departments on the organization of the educational process;
– planning and organizing the work of the Center of organization of educational process in accordance with the State Educational Standards, curricula and programs, educational documentation and rules;
– preparation, implementation and transformation of the structural rules of the quality management system;
– analysis and review of normative documents on credit technology coming from the MES RK (Ministry of Education and Science);
– implementation of the unification of organizational and administrative documentation governing the organization of the educational process;
– monitoring compliance with the academic calendar;
– checking staffing and individual load of teaching staff;
– control and monitoring of the schedule of classes and exams;
– acceptance of semi-annual and annual reports of teaching staff on the implementation of the academic load of the faculties;
– monitoring the implementation of the training schedule for teaching staff of teaching staff;
– structuring of a fund for payment of academic hours (hourly fund, payment of classroom hours); organizing and conducting examinations;
– printing examination tickets for the computer program a week before the exams;
– monitoring compliance with the rules of the examinations in the working group of the university;
– analysis of the results of the mid-term and final control of students, the use of the results of the analysis in order to determine the context of the educational process;
analysis of the content and quality of exam questions;
– organization of such types of certification and final control, such as
computer testing, test matrices, creative exam, test speaking, oral defense of the project;
– conducting seminars and presentations on the forms of training and testing in order to improve the quality of education; analysis of the valid indicator of student performance on the results of the final control;
– generation of written exam questions; modulation of SKORM-formats of tested tests in all specialties; preparation of the semi-annual and annual reports on the work done by the Center
of organization of educational process.


Ibragimova Laura Asyltaevna


Tleubergenova Zhanar Askarovna


Asanova Aıgul Shakerovna

Tassybayev   Zhandos

Kasymova   Juldyz

Leading specialist
Baltabayeva Bibraba

Gulmira Bilantieva Kudaibergenovna