Required documents

Enrollees gives an acceptance application and the following documents:

    1. Application
    2. Education document (diploma or certificate) (original with 2 copies)
    3. Passport (2 copies)
    4. Photo 3*4-6 units
    5. 086-U form medical report
    6. Copy of 063 form medical report
    7. NUT or CT certificate (original with 2 copies)
    8. Contract (for tuition students)-3 copies
    9. 25% of one academic year educational fee payment report for tuition students

    10.File-1 unit

    1. Envelope (A5)-1 unit

Additional: Documents that testify privileges.

-Winners of research competitions and international Olympiads on school subjects.

-1-2 group handicapped enrollees, handicapped since childhood, Veterans and invalids of World Wars.

-Children without parents’ supports and orphan children.

-Representatives of Kazakh nationality that are not citizens of Kazakhstan.

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