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Turkic speaking countries and relative communities grant?

TSC grant is given to the nationalities with secondary or high education who are not the citizens of Kazakhstan and Turkey.

You can apply only by Internet. The other form of applications are not accepted.

Foreigners who get secondary education in Kazakhstan can not apply for TSC grant.

You choose your specialty at Preparatory faculty.

It is obligatory to study at Preparatory course for TSC grant owners.

Kazakh and Turkish languages are taught at Preparatory faculty.

TSC grant owners do not pay for education.

TSC grant owners get about 18000 tenge at Preparatory faculty. They get about 25000 tenge from the 1st course.

Travelling is paid once a year by the Board of Trustees according to approved tariff and any documents are required.

Expiry date of the passport must be at least 2 years, prolong the expiry date of your passport till 01.08.2016 and send us.

The university sends viza invitations to the embassy of Kazakhstan to TSC grant owners from viza regime countries.

Students house fee is 22000 tenge for 10 months.

All TSC grant owners are provided with a dormitory.

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