Republican “Yassawi” subject Olympiad

  • The I Republican “Yassawi” subject Olympiad was organizes in 2014 the purpose of determining and developing schoolchildren’s intellectual and creativity abilities. Schoolchildren from 14 oblasts of Kazakhstan and Astana, Almaty participates at the Olympiad. The 1st stage of the Olympiad was held in the centers of 14 oblasts of Kazakhstan. About 4500 enrolees contested on 11 At the end of Olympiad 33 schoolchildren became winners, and they were awarded with IKTU scholarship certificates with valuable gifts. The above mentioned certificates were given to 6 Kazakh-Turkish lyceum students who collected high scores.
  • And in 2015 at the 2nd  Republican “Yassawi” subject Olympiad 33 schoolchildren won educational grants. The 1st stage of the Olympiad was held in the centers of 14 oblasts of Kazakhstan, and final stage was held at Akhmet Yassawi University. The winners were awarded with valuable gifts, educational grants of the Republic of Turkey, special certificates and diploma.
  • In 2016 at the III I Republican “Yassawi” subject Olympiad 59 schoolchildren were awarded educational grants. At the 1st stage of the Olympiad 5545 schoolchildren from all regions of Kazakhstan, republican educational organizations and Nazarbaev intellectual school and “Daryn” school participated. 1975 schoolchildren passed to the 2nd 59 winners of the Olympiad were awarded with educational grants and I,II,III level diplomas, in addition, “The best creative work”, “Intellectual talented schoolchildren”, “The best work” nominations. At present they are studying at Akhmet Yassawi University on their chosen specialties.
  • Registration for IV Republican “Yassawi” subject Olympiad is in process. Registration lasts till 20th of February. The organization of 1st stageon 1,2,3,4 March, the 2nd stage on 5,6,7 April is being planned.