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The office creation: The commercialization office was created by order No. 1/37 of 06/18/2018 of the Rector of the A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University B.S.Abdirasilov.

The mission is to protect and promote research and development activities, facilitating the transformation and licensing of intellectual property for the benefit of the community, support in the economic development of the region and the state through mutually beneficial relations between the university and the private sector

  • provide support to Akhmet Yassawi Univesrity  in ​​more effective participation in national and international projects and benefit from appropriate support and funding mechanisms through awareness raising and the organization of open doors, seminars and training events;expand collaboration between university and industry;protect and manage intellectual property rights arising from the efforts of researchers in the field of R & D, and create mechanisms for the transfer of intellectual property to industry, which will lead to the creation of new products and services for the benefit of society;guide faculty and students to build their businesses.
  • Conducting work to familiarize and inform university scientists about the methods commercialization and research results;
  • Providing support and consulting services for the commercialization of research results of university scientists, consulting and expert activities.
  1. Organization of work on the management, monitoring and assessing of research projects;
  2. Analysis of university research results with commercial potential, support for their entry into the market;
  3. Creation and management of the university’s innovative infrastructure in order to contribute to education and the economy through scientific achievements of scientists;
  4. Providing advice on the protection of intellectual property and licensing;
  5. Creation and support of Start-up companies, business incubators, acceleration programs aimed at supporting the research of young scientists.
  6. Conducting training seminars for young scientists on the commercialization of their own research.


Orazbayeva Orіnkul Orazbayevna

leading specialist

Alibekova Zhanar Dildabekovna


Ainabekov Yerсan Ainabekovich


Nyssanbay Dina Syrlybaikyzy

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