The competition is based on fundamental and applied research:


Fundamental research:

  1. Development of state military organization;


Applied Research: 

  1. Organization of technological development and modernization of military equipment and armed forces;
  2. Digitization as a factor and means of ensuring the state military security.
  3. Studies on the modernization of the servicemen ration.



Acceptance of documents: 17.10.-17.11.2018


Competition document

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy announces an annual contest for individual monthly scholarships among Kazakhstani students.

The Foundation’s scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis, which students can participate in full-time studies of higher and secondary special (art and culture) educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Applicants applying for participation in the Foundation’s competition must successfully complete at least two courses of study, have the maximum academic achievement. And also actively participate in the research, creative and social life of his university. Candidates need to confirm their successes with certificates, certificates, reports, publications, speeches and prizes.

The Foundation’s grants are paid in addition to established scholarships, are set for one academic year and are paid on a monthly basis only for the period of study, excluding June, July and August – two semesters.

The annual competition consists of two consecutive rounds:

The first round is held in higher educational institutions, during which the selection of the best students for the nomination for the scholarship of the Foundation.

The second (republican) round  is conducted by the Foundation among students nominated by higher educational institutions for the scholarship of the Foundation.

To participate in the contest it is necessary to download and fill out an application, having first familiarized yourself with the rules of awarding the student grants of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy.

  • Download the application for students of higher educational institutions.
  • Download the application for students of educational institutions of art and culture.
  • Download the rules.

Applications will be accepted on May 28 and will last until September 21, 2018.

The size of the scholarships and their number are set by the Foundation.

We invite everyone to participate!

Contact us for information:

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