The Board of Trustees is the highest body that provides overall leadership on a parity basis, represents the legal status of the institution, and makes decisions on the determination of administrative, financial, and academic methods and foundations of university governance,
The Board of Trustees shall consist of ten (10) members. Five (5) members of the Plenipotentiary Council shall be appointed from among the highest civil servants of the Government of the Republic of Turkey. The President of the Republic of Turkey appoints one of the members as the Chairman of the The Board of Trustees.

     The Senate is the highest academic governing body of the University. The Senate consists of the rector, the rector’s representative (first deputy), deputy rector, deans of faculties, chief physician of the clinical diagnostic center, directors of institutes and college, as well as the chairman of the trade union committee, chairman of the Youth Committee and one faculty member from each faculty on the proposal of the Faculty Council.Heads of educational, training and scientific departments by the decision of the Senate are also members. The main task of the University Senate is to coordinate the work of the entire team, provided with highly qualified personnel.
The Governing Board consists of the Rector of the University and the Rector’s representative (first deputy), vice-rectors and deans. The term of office of the members in the Governing Council is limited. If the rector’s representative temporarily performs the duties of the rector, he/she shall chair the Management Council. The date and time of the meeting of the University Management Council shall be determined by the Rector.

     The Academic Committee is the primary body for shaping the university’s academic policies, takes the lead in creating and adopting rules, procedures governing academic standards, practices and disciplines in the university’s areas of activity, oversees the provision and improvement of teaching and learning, approves educational programs, and oversees the development of departments and schools.

     The Scientific Committee is the main body shaping the university’s science and research policy: it develops standards for conducting and academic research ethics, organizes the management, monitoring and evaluation of research projects, works on technology commercialization, and coordinates research, innovation and development activities among research centers, departments and schools.

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