The activities of the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University are carried out in accordance with the Charter of the University and in the framework of the ratified agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on the conditions for the activities of the university. University management bodies are:

  • Intergovernmental Board of Trustees
  • Senate
  • Management Board
  • Academic Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • Strategic Planning and Quality Committee
  • Committee on educational issues

The supreme governing body of the University is the Intergovernmental Plenipotentiary Council. The competence of the Council includes: approval of the development strategy, the University Charter, the procedure for disposing of property; approval of annual and medium-term budgets; determination of the quantitative composition of the University, the election of their leaders and members, as well as the early termination of their powers; other powers in accordance with the statute of the University.

The President of the University heads the Senate and the Governing Board, which serves as a collegial executive body of the university, controls and directs the activities of the university, ensures the implementation of the decisions of the Plenipotentiary Council of the university.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is headed by the Academic Committee, which is the highest governing body that makes decisions on academic issues at the university.

The Academic Committee is the main body for shaping the university’s academic policy, plays a leading role in creating and adopting rules and procedures governing academic standards, practices and disciplines in the university’s activities, oversees the provision and improvement of teaching and learning, approves educational programs and oversees development faculties and schools.

The Vice President for Research and Development is headed by a Scientific Committee, which is the highest governing body that makes decisions on scientific matters.

The Scientific Committee is the main body for the formation of a university’s research and research policy: it develops standards for conducting and academic ethics of research, organizes work on the management, monitoring and evaluation of research projects, creates and manages the university’s innovative infrastructure, works on technology commercialization, Creates and provides support Start-up companies, business incubators, acceleration programs focused on supporting research young It also coordinates the activities of research, innovation and development between research centers and faculties, schools.

The Vice President for Academic Innovation and Postgraduate Education heads the Strategic Planning and Quality Committee, which is the highest governing body that makes decisions on strategy development and quality education.

The Committee for Strategic Planning and Quality is the main policy-making body on the quality management system, strategic development and university rankings.

The head of the “Spiritual Renewal” program heads the Committee on Educational Work, which is the highest governing body that makes decisions on the development of educational policies and work with the youth of the university.

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