Fine Arts Department

Purposes of the general education:

  • Patriotism, Friendship of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan, education of respect for other cultures and traditions;
  • Forming of human and social and personal values at the graduate;
  • Forming of ecological, ethical, legal culture, physical culture and culture of thinking;
  • Language education of the bachelor;
  • Forming of fundamental knowledge necessary for development of professional objects;
  • Forming of theoretical and practical education for professional activity, and also working capacity and skills.

Duties of the general education:

  • Formation and education of comprehensively developed personality;
  • Formation of the systematized knowledge in the field of the fine arts and drawing;
  • The organization of educational process in the fine arts and drawing at the modern scientific level;
  • Implementation of scientific research;
  • Ensuring high-quality vocational training of future art teachers and drawing according to the international standards of education and social needs of society;
  • Formation of system of the main priority competences and general and special scientific skills and skill at future art teachers and drawing;
  • Formation of ways of spiritual and intellectual self-development, psychological stability, culture of thinking and behavior.



  • The analysis of the leading art and pedagogical experience, summing up and use in practice; the systematized personal professional and art and pedagogical self-development;
  • According to the chosen specialization creation of preparatory sketches and the finished art compositions;
  • The analysis significant from the point of view of the art principles and style of methods of development of works of art;
  • Development of art and creative abilities of pupils, their esthetic perception, and also abilities to understand and estimate works of the fine arts;
  • Ability to use knowledge of the theory and history of development of various art systems in the graphic creativity and pedagogical activity;
  • The solution of art and creative problems at the theoretical and practical level in graphic and methodical aspect;


  • Use of pedagogical technologies and special methods of the organization of interaction “training perception” according to the taught subject;
  • Use of methods and different types of enhancement of creative activities of pupils and training;
  • To use a capability in practice all types of graphical art;
  • To apply the leading methods of management of public work, work, study and art creativity of pupils;
  • Availability of skills of use of a technique of development is art – creative capabilities of pupils in the field of the fine arts, assessment and perception of works of art, and also their esthetic outlook. 


  • Ability to design and realize pedagogical processes in unity with the purposes set before specialty, development of the corresponding knowledge and skills, mastering a capability to positive thinking, occupation of the niche in system of national values, observance of ethical rules and regulations to be the humanist and the optimist;


  • Development of knowledge in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, communicative technologies, pedagogical rhetoric and conflictology, communicative strategy, possession of skills of conducting constructive dialogue, and also possession of tolerance and capability to creation of  pedagogical cooperation and the social relations in much cultural, much ethnic and many confessional society;
  • Ownership of knowledge in the field of pedagogical innovation studies and technology, development of skills and knowledge of use of pedagogical technologies, carrying out researches, assessment and the analysis in the field, fast adaptation to innovations aspiration to enhancement of professional skill, ability to stimulate people around to vigorous activity;

State Obligatory Module

History of Modern Kazakhstan

Information and Communicative Technologies (in English)


Communicative Module

Kazakh (Russian) Language




Module – Psychology and Development of the Person

Psychology and Person Development

Age Physiology and School Hygiene

Module – School Pedagogy

Pedagogics І

Theory and Method of Educational Works

Module – Academic Drawing and Painting І

Academic Drawing І

Academic Drawing І

Engineering Graphics (projective)

Module – Academic Drawing and Painting ІІ

Academic Drawing II

Academic Drawing II

Module – Computer Program І

Computer design І

Drawing I

Computer program ІІ

Computer design ІІ

Drawing IІ

The module – Prospect the Master of Drawing І


Master of the picture I

The module – Composition and  Chromatics

Graphic Composition


Module – Drawing and an Engraving

Master of the drawing IІ

Engraving І

The module – Management, the organization, control

Inclusive education

Technology of measurement of assessment

Education management

The module – the Drawing and an engraving ІІ

Master of the drawing IIІ

ІI engraving

Module – Education Methodology

Education Methodology in Drawing

Education Methodology in Fine Arts

The module – History of Art and Sculpture

History and Theory of the Fine Arts



Elective Module of Higher Education Institution

History of the Turkic Countries

Yassawi Knowledge

Psychology of Interpersonal Communication

Political Science

Akmeology, Bases of Personal and Social Achievements

Culture and religion


Basics of Life Safety

Ecology and Stable Development

Basis of Law

Economic Theory

Ataturk’s Principles

Critical Thinking

Office Work in State Language

Labor Protection

Eternal Country

Prevention of Mental Health and Prevention of Suicide

Self Knowledge

ЖБТ 1 of Professional Creative Painting

The module – painting Composition



Module – Creative circle



Grisaille 1

ЖБТ2 Professional Creative Graphics

The module – drawing Composition



The Module Art Graphics




Professional practice

Industrial practice takes place according to term in the standard of the Republic Kazakhstan approved by the Ministry of Education and Science:

  • 1 rate Planer in the mountain gorge Mashat “Educational practice” – 3 weeks;
  • 2,3 rates “Student teaching” at city schools – 3 weeks;
  • 4 rate “Industrial practice” at city, republican, district, city schools – 10 weeks;
  • 4 rate of “Pre-diploma of the practicing” A.Yassawi University – 5 weeks.

In what organizations students can do practical training?

  • Children school of needlework of Turkestan city
  • General high school named after M. Mametova
  • No. 15 school gymnasium named after M. Zhumabayev
  • General high school No 21
  • General high school No 24 named after T. Ryskulov
  • General high school No 1 named after A. Baitursynov
  • School gymnasium No 17 named after Ataturk
  • General high school No 19
  • General high school No 23

Short reduction


Fine Arts and Drawing





Education level

Higher education

Type of education

Full time

Choice of subject

Creative examination

Profile subject

Creative examination

Lowest passing score

Kazakh 94, Russian 88

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