Informatics Teacher Education

Academic degree and qualification: bachelor of informatics

Graduates of specialty of a bachelor degree can work with the pedagogical direction:

  • mathematics teachers at high schools and average special educational institutions, lyceums, gymnasiums, technical training colleges;
  • at research institutes, the centers in the field of informatics and a technique of teaching informatics;
  • in government bodies of management, Departments of Education; the organizations of various forms of ownership using mathematical methods and computers

  Bachelor of specialty 5B011100 – Informatics trained for performance of the following functions:

  • implementation of pedagogical and educational activity, including with use of modern pedagogical and information technologies;
  • carrying out scientific researches in the chosen direction and in allied industries;
  • participation at all design stages, introductions and maintenances of program, information support;
  • effective use on a scientific basis of information communication technologies for the organization of own work and independent training.

State mandatory module

  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Philosophy

Communicative module

  • Kazakh
  • English
  • Turkish

Elective module of university

  • History of the Turkic states
  • Yasawi study
  • Psychology of interpersonal communication
  • Political science
  • Akmeology, bases of personal and social success
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ecology and stable development
  • Right bases
  • Economic theory
  • Ataturk’s principles
  • Critical thinking
  • Office-work in a state language
  • Labor protection
  • Eternal country

Solidifying of mental health and prevention of a suicide
Module – Mathematician and programming
The higher mathematics І
Programming І
Theoretical fundamentals of informatics
The module – Psychology and physiology
Psychology and development of the person
Age physiology and school hygiene
The module – Discrete mathematics
Discrete mathematics
Computer architecture І
The module – Pedagogics and technique of educational operation
Pedagogic І
Theory and technique of educational operation
The module – Internet technologies
Programming ІІ
Internet technologies І
The module – Networks and a graphics
Computer networks І
Computer graphics І
Information security and cryptography
The module – Programming
Programming ІІІ
Theory of the database І
The module – Control, the organization and assessment
Measuring technologies of assessment
Management in education
The module – Operating systems
Methods of computation
Operating systems (Lunix/Unix)
Java technology
The module – Database
Internet technologies ІІ
Bases of an artificial intelligence
Theory of the database II

Theory of decision-making

  • Database systems

The module – Architecture and computer simulation

  • Bases of computer simulation
  • Architecture of the computer

The module – the Internet and networks

  • Wireless networks

• Internet technologies

1 course: “Training practice I” are carried out in educational laboratories of university – 3 weeks;

2 course: “Industrial practice I” is carried out in city and the region  institutions, the organizations and the enterprises — 2,5 weeks;

3 course: ” Industrial practice” is carried out city and the region  institutions, the organizations and the enterprises — 2,5 weeks;

4 course: ” Industrial practice” is carried out in the institutions subordinated to regional department of education in city and the institutions, the organizations and the enterprises – 10 weeks;

4 course: “Predegree practice” is held at departments of university — 5 weeks.

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