Bachelor degree in pedagogy and methodology of primary education


7M012- In pedagogy and methodology of primary education according to master’s degree


  • to ensure assimilation of deep education from special subjects theoretical, methodological methods in scientific level;
  • the formation of master student’s professional skills in Source works;
  • Deep development of methodologies and methods of scientific researches;
  • fulfilment of high-quality practical training;
  • the formation of a permanent capacity for self-development and self-improvement.



  • must know the methodology of scientific outlook;
  • should be able to organize the scientific principles of action and its structure;
  • in education, students need to develop of cognitive psychology;
  • need to learn the techniques and psychological methods for improving the quality and effectiveness of education.

Ability to use:

  • should be able to solve the problem research and development activities of scientific standard;
  • teaching through credit education technology and need to be able to carry out the pedagogic action;
  • need to know the methodology of teaching professional subjects;
  • need to be able to use modern information technology in the educational process;
  • should be able to create a professional and cultural relations;
  • to be able to correctly and logically express their opinion in oratory art, speech and writing;
  • must to deepen and expand the knowledge for continuing their studies in PhD and for daily professional activities.


  • must be able to use and development their knowledge in scientific-researches;
  • to be able to critically analyze the processes and phenomena and modern concepts;
  • need to be able to integrate their knowledge from different subjects to solve the research duties of new unknown cases;
  • should be able to use gained the knowledge from high school pedagogy and psychology in the activities of teaching;
  • need to use interactive methods of education;
  • must be able to hold modern information technologies and information-analytical and information-bibliographic work;
  • need to learn a foreign language in professional level for teaching special subjects and to carrying out the research works in institutions of higher education;

should be able to summarize an analysis in the form of scientific-research and reporting, analysis, research papers, dissertation;


  • in professional-activities performs scientific and research projects;
  • must improve professional knowledge and skills to ensuring updated education.

Compulsory subjects

State compulsory module

  • Science’s History and Philosophy
  • Foreign language (professional)
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogy


Professional compulsory module

  • Modern problems of science and elementary education
  • Scientific researchs’ methodology and methods

Professional elective module

  • Scıentıfıc-theoretical foundations of teachıng personal methodical subjects
  • Mathematical methods of pedagogy
  • Methods of teaching pedagogıcal subjects
  • Pedagogical communication
  • Pedagogıcal technologıes and innovation
  • The development of primary education programs
  • Methods for the development of creative abilities
  • Psychological bases of pedagogical activity
  • The culture of communication
  • Methods of educational work ın universities
  • The methodology of forming the professional competence of the future specialist’s
  • Family pedagogy and organizing the family education


TPE 1 The theory and methodology of primary education

Module– The theoretical basis of primary education

  • Methodology and techniques of training to professional activities the specialists in primary education
  • The content of primary education and the foundation of scientific and theoretical training technology

Module- Methods of primary education in universities

  • Interactive teaching methods in universities
  • The research of advanced experience in primary education, collection and distribution methodology

TPE 2 Organize education

Module– To organize the pedagogical  development of  teaching

  • The development of the teacher education in Kazakhstan
  • Assess and manage the quality of education

Module Fundamentals of education

  • Fundamentals of national education
  • Innovative methods in education

Professional experiences

  • semesters “Research Practice” (6 weeks)
  • 4 semester “Pedagogical Practices” (3weeks)
  • In what institutions master  students will be able to  pass practice ?
  1. International Kazakh-Turkish University named after K.A.Yassawi
  2. Kazakh state Women’s pedagogic University
  3. School-gymnasium №9 named after Nekrasov
  4. General secondary school №14
  5. School-gymnasium №17 named after Ataturk
  6. General secondary school №23
  7. General secondary school №24 named after T.Ryskulov
  8. General secondary school №27
  9. General secondary school №1 named afterBaitursynov
  10. General secondary school named after M.Abenova
  11. Turkestan auxiliary boarding school
  12. Turkestan humanitarian-technical college
  13. College №21

Short information


Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education

Cipher of specialty:

Faculty of:      

Humanitarian sciences
Educational levels:

Postgraduate education
Types of teaching:


Tuition fees:

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

550 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

600 000 tenge.

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