Environmental protection and health and safety


  • The bachelor on environmental protection and health and safety


Overall objective of education:

  • forming of ecological, ethical, legal, physical culture and, cultures of thinking;
  • forming of the basic knowledge necessary for development of professional disciplines;
  • assimilation of ecological and technical documentation, preparation of projects of the entities and organization, and also programs;
  • possibility of carrying out research works;
  • assimilation of all aspects of professional activity on health and safety and environment protection, and also protection of the person in case of emergency situations. 

Overall objectives of education:

  • assimilation of the analysis a condition of the working area and surrounding environments, and also their forecasting;
  • training of multipurpose activities of the specialty based on modern the safety requirement of activity and environmental protection;
  • assimilation of a possibility of the advanced scientific methods and their use in the solution of urgent problems on health and safety and environmental protections.



  • determine materials shown to sanitary standards and hygienic requirements production rooms;
  • practical implementation of ecological researches;
  • can call the main methods and types of work of production and sanitary researches. 

to be able to use:

  • shall know the major factors inducing danger and also in professional level to use methods of their elimination;
  • shall know security measures of production, the principles of safe production processes and types of industrial plants;
  • to make use of the best practices in work, especially production safety, and the reason of their origin, and also a way of their protection.


  • shall know to management and the organization of an object, to make decisions in management of protection of a production equipment, security measures of production, the principles of safe industrial processes,
  • shall know assessment of danger of production processes, safety assessment a product used by workers of production, to realize social responsibility and builds a professional relation. 


– shall be capable to perform security measures on a workplace.

State obligatory module

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Information systems for the professional purposes
  • Philosophy 

Communicative module

  • Kazakh
  • English
  • Turkish 



  • History of the Turk of the lingual countries
  • Yasav maintaining
  • Psychology interpersonal communications
  • Political science
  • Akmeology, bases of personal and social achievements
  • Culture and religion
  • Sociology
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ecology and steady development
  • Right bases
  • Economic theory
  • Ataturk’s principles
  • Critical thinking
  • A clerical work in a state language
  • Labor protection
  • Eternal country


The module – Natural disciplines І

  • Mathematician
  • Physics І 

The module – Natural disciplines ІІ

  • Mathematics ІІ
  • Physics ІІ
  • Chemistry 

Chemical analysis and sanitation

  • Chemical analysis
  • Production sanitation
  • Bases of chemical and biological safety 

The module – Engineering systems

  • Engineering graphics
  • Engineering systems, networks and equipment 

Technologies of industrial safety

  • Safety of the equipment and technology
  • Methods and control facilities and measurements
  • Industrial ecology І 

Anthropogenous changes

  • Geoecology
  • Effective management of water resources
  • Global climate changes

Analysis of objects of the environment

  • Air quality management
  • The physicist’s methods – the chemical analysis
  • Technical regulation of industrial safety 

Requirements for environmental protection

  • Production technical documents
  • Bases of radiation safety
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Metrology, standardization and certification

Technological natures of a production industry

  • The main technologies petro – gas and chemical industry
  • Main technologies of metallurgical and machine-building production
  • Cleaning and utilization of industrial wastes


Health and safety problems

  • The principles of the organization legal and it is standard – technical health and safety
  • Bases of management and marketing of health and safety 

Bases of production safety

  • Health and labor safety
  • Production ventilation
  • Production toxicology 

IЕT  2 

Natural disasters and risk assessment

  • Natural disasters and protection against them
  • Assessment of environmental risk of the production environment

Designing of safety of production

  • Buildings, constructions and their stability
  • Assessment and forecasting of emergency situations
  • Use and design of non-waste and low-waste productions

Professional practice

Educational – a work practice is carried out in the terms specified in standards of the approved MES RK:

1 rate. Uchebno – fact-finding practice – 3 weeks. Venue: research laboratory of department “Ecology and chemistry”, Karatau national natural park and gorge Mashat;

2, 3 – rates. A work practice – 2,5 weeks. Venue: research laboratory of department “Ecology and chemistry”, Karatau national natural park and gorge Mashat;

4 rate. A work practice in the specialty – 10 weeks. Venue: research laboratory of department “Ecology and chemistry”, Karatau national natural park and gorge Mashat;

4 rate. Before degree practice – 5 weeks. Venue: research laboratory of department “Ecology and chemistry”, Scientific Research Institute Ekology.

In what organizations and HEI students can do practical training?

  • Cyprian university
  • Karatau national natural park
  • Kazakh technical university of K. Satpayev
  • Scientifically – a research institute of ecology
  • Department of ecology on SKR
  • Joint-stock company “Kentau transformer plant”
  • Friendly open combining “Tabys — 2005”
  • “Kentau service”

Short reduction


Environmental protection and health and safety

The code of specialty



Natural sciences

The education level

the higher education

Training type


The choice of a subject

the physicist

Lowest passing scores

Kazakh 50-100, Russian 50-100

Payment for training

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

480 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

700 000 tenge.

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