Qualifications: 6D010900-Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD) in the specialty Mathematics


Educational Objectives:

  • The development of modern trends, directions and patterns of development of national science in the conditions of globalization and integration;
  • Development of scientific advances worldwide and Kazakhstan science in a particular area;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages perfectly to the achievement of international cooperation and scientific relations;

Educational Objectives:

  • Development of scientific concepts worldwide and Kazakhstan science in a particular area;
  • The development of modern processes, directions and patterns of national science in the conditions of globalization and integration;
  • Development of the methodology of scientific knowledge, scientific achievements of world and Kazakhstan science in a certain area, analysis, evaluation, comparison and conclusion of various theoretical concepts in the field of research;
  • Ability of system concepts and the ability to show the quality and effectiveness of selected research methods in the field of research;
  • Conducting professional and  comprehensive analysis in the study of problems;



  • Apply in practice advanced techniques and skills in the field of mathematics;
  • Ability to carry out research works independently for the application of new information, necessary for carrying out mathematical research in educational and research purposes;
  • Able to respond flexibly on a conceptual basis to predict the future development of various areas related to professional activities.


  • Able to plan their professional activity in the light of contemporary requirements of scientific research organizations;
  • Master the advanced mathematical experiences through reflection.
  • Form a system of knowledge required for mathematical models of physical and technological processes.


  • The body of knowledge and skills acquired in the specialty, adherence to order the use of the rules and regulations of its application in the relevant professional environment.
  • Master the skills at the appropriate level, covering the rules and norms of behavior of the individual in a particular professional environment as mathematics.


Competent to a conclusion in mathematics learning objectives and accurately solve them, and the ability of application of information technology in teaching activities, to meet the requirements of the Employers.

Required state module

  • Philosophy and Methodology of Pedagogy 

The module majors

Professional elective module

  • Methods of application of information technologies in teaching mathematics and scientific research
  • The methodology of the research and methodology of teaching in mathematics and education
  • Methods of geometry curriculum
  • Methods of teaching the history of mathematics
  • Scientific work
  • Actual problems of theoretical and applied mathematics
  • Additional chapters of the theory of equations of mathematical physics
  • Special methods for solving integral-differential equations

Professional practice

Practice is held in the terms approved by the Ministry of Education and Science Standards:

“Pedagogical Practice” in the 1 year, which will be held in the laboratory of the Department of Mathematics – 3 weeks, “Research Practice” – 6 weeks;

Where can the public doctoral institutions  share practice?

  • Aktobe State University named K.Zhubanova
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Department of “Fundamental Mathematics”
  • Eurasian National Gumilyov University, Department of “Algebra”
  • goudarstvenny South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov
  • Institute of Mathematics MES, Laboratory “Differential Equations”
  • Institute of Mathematics and mathematical modeling MES
  • National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulugbek, Department of “Mathematical Physics”
  • South Ural State University, Department of “Mathematical Analysis”.

Short reduction



Code of specialty



Natural Sciences

Levels of postgraduate


Forms of training


Tuition fee

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

1 200 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

1 500 000 tenge.

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