Seitov Bekbolat Zhumanovich
Head of the department

Physics Department

Department of Physics is the structure of our University which trains professionals, masters of their craft, competitive, creative thinking, specialists meet the requirements of the XXI century.
The purpose of the Department is to create conditions for the active assimilation of knowledge by students corresponding to the level of international standards that meet the needs of the modern labor market and the organization of the educational process on a productive and qualitative basis.
The Department of Physics was founded on March 1, 2004. The percentage of the Department is-67 %. In 2004-2012, the position of head of the Department was held by academician of the National Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic Kazakhstan, Professor A. N. Bakhtibayev. since 2013, Professor, doctor of Ph. D., T. A. Turmambekov has been appointed to the position of head of the Department.Since September 2020, the head of the Department is phd, senior lecturer SeitovBekbolatZhumanovich.
Holders of the state grant of the Ministry of science and education “The Best teacher of the University»
“The best teacher of the University-2009” – Ph. D., senior lecturer of Shalbaev В.
“The best teacher of the University-2010” Ph. D.D., Professor Baktybaev A.
“The best teacher of the University — 2011” p. g.D., associate Professor Baizak Usen
“The best teacher of the University-2017” – head of the Department “Physics”, doctor of Ph. D., Professor Tourmambekov T.
“The best teacher of the University-2017” – Ph. D., associate Professor Sarybaeva A.
Department of “Physics” trains specialists in the following educational areas:
6М015 – Training for teachers in natural science subjects (Physics)
* 6M053-Physical and chemical Sciences (Physics),
magistracy :
7М015 – Training for teachers in natural science subjects (Physics),
* 7M053-Physical and chemical Sciences (Physics),
doctoral study:
* 8D015-Doctor of philosophy in the educational program Physics (PhD).
The Department has laboratories for classes and research innovative technologies and interactive teaching methods and modern equipped classrooms.

Basic and core disciplines in the curricula of specialties employed in the software (employment contracts concluded) of the teaching staff, the total number of staff units-16. Among them, in the specialties of physics and mathematics, 1 doctor of Sciences,Professor, 5 candidates of Sciences 2 – associate Professor,3 senior lecturer, 4 – phD:1 Professor,1 associate Professor,2 senior lecturer,6магистр:2 senior teacher, 4-teacher. Of these specialties are required courses are experienced teachers of higher education Department, as well as the topics of courses correspond to the latest achievements of science and technology.

Students who won prizes in the Republican subject Olympiads in 2018-2019 academic year:

The ManginAchison-ІІІ place in the specialty 6В053 Physics, XI Republican students ‘ subject Olympiad of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty, head associate Professor, PhD-Dr. S. J. Ramankulov).

KambarbekovSardor-III place in the specialty 6В053 Physics, XI Republican student subject Olympiad of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty, head of acting associate Professor, PhD-doctor sh.Zh. Ramankulov).

Gulbakhor Karimzhanovna Atakhanova-awarded for the SECOND place in the national competition for the best scientific work of students in natural-technical, social-humanitarian and economic Sciences. Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2019 scientific supervisor-Seitov Bekbolat Zhumanovich

The percentage of the Department is-67 %. The Department monthly teachers make presentations at scientific seminars on the achievements of modern science within the approved areas.

The number of publications in rating journals with impact factor is 28.

The volume of published textbooks, manuals and teaching guidelines of the teaching staff:

  1. х.ғ.к.аға оқытушы Түйебаев М.Қ. Тұлға бойына кәсіби құзыреттілік қалыптастыру және оның маңыздылығы. Оқу құралы. Маусым 2019ж,Университет ОӘК ұсынылды.
  2. П.ғ.к., доцент Сарыбаева Ә.Х., Серікқызы А. Механика курсынан функционалды сауаттылық тапсырмалары. Оқу құралы. 28.12.2018ж,№5 Сенат.
  3. П.ғ.к., доцент Сарыбаева Ә.Х. Механика курсы. Оқу құралы.26.10.2018ж,№4 Сенат
  4. Сейтов Б., Құрбанбеков Б., Шектібаев Н.,Абдуманапов Ө.Тұрмамбеков Т.А. Жартылай өткізгіштер. Оқу құралы. Маусым 2019ж,Университет ОӘК ұсынылды.
  5. Тұрмамбеков Т.А.,Сарыбаева Ә.Х.,Батырбекова А.Ж. Молекулалық физика курсынан зертханалық жұмыстар. Оқу құралы. 22.06.2018ж, №6 Сенат.

The next XXVII scientific and theoretical conference of students in the section “Physics” was held from 04 to 06 December 2018 in the main building in the classroom 3-307.  Head of section: Prof. and mathematical Sciences, Professor T. A. Turmambekov

28 reports and speeches were planned in the section” Physics”. The reports were protected in Kazakh and English.

The reports were made in accordance with modern requirements and the results were obtained. The General reports were divided into 2 areas:

  1. Scientific research of physics;
  2. Theory and methods of teaching physics.

The conference was attended by the heads of sections, the teaching staff of the Department of Physics, students and undergraduates of this specialty. The participants of the conference were highly appreciated and recommended for awarding.


In the 2018-2019 academic year, teachers of advanced training received qualification certificates. In particular, Abdumanapov Umirzak Zhapparovich, Bekbayev Sattar Mahatovich, B. A. Kurbanbekov, N. A. Shektibayev, B. Seitov improved their skills on “Dastur men zhanashyldyk” at the Institute of integration of science and education of Kazakhstan, especially the updated education system.  Autonomous organization of education of NIS “Methods of application of criteria-based assessment in the classroom in the framework of the updated educational program on pedagogical specialties” A. H. Sarybaeva, M. O. Berkimbaev, V. R. Ramankulov, M. K. Tulebaev, A. N. Kurmantaev has trained.

Teacher Ramankulov Sh, senior curator Shektibaev N and members of the Department on the initiative of students of the group ZHFZ-511, ZHFI-511, ZHFI-511F in October was organized an evening on “Fizikalyk Kesh” among students of I-IV courses. This event was attended by all teachers of the Department, who congratulated the 1st year students with the first steps. Teachers of the Department of Physics hold meetings in student dormitories (dormitory№1 and dormitory №2) in the form of” Round tables”, get acquainted with the state of students in dormitories.

Educational hours spent at the Department:

Ұстазы бардың – ұстамы бар

«Ұстаз – ұлы тұлға»

15 қараша – Ұлттық валюта теңге күні

Шәкірт болып көрмеген, ұстаз болып жарытпас ҰСТАЗ БЕН ШӘКІРТ

Тәрбие-отбасынан басталады.

Эстетикалық және рухани сұлулық тәрбиесі

«16 желтоқсан Қазақстан  Республикасының  Тәуелсіздік  күні».

Киелі Түркістан – тұған қалам тақырыбында баяндама жасалды

««Жаңа жыл» мерекесі»

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