Myrzaliev Borash Smailovich

Doctor of Economic sciences, Professor Head of Department

Department of Economics and Finance

In the 2017-2018 academic year, 24 teachers work at the Department of Economics and Finance, including 2 professors, doctors of economics, 1 PhD professor, 2 associate professors, candidates of economic sciences, 6 candidates of economic sciences, 3 PhD doctors, 5 senior lecturers , 5 masters of teachers.
The goal of the department is to train educated and competitive economists and financiers. To this end, the teaching staff is always in search of new technological methods of teaching.
The staff of the chair prepares economists and financiers responsible for management and production development programs for all sectors of the national economy. In connection with the training of specialists in this field, the following subjects can be grouped: Enterprise Economics, Finance, Internal Company Planning, Enterprise Organization, Labor Market Economics, Enterprise Basics, etc.
Teachers of the department pay special attention to the educational process and methodical work. Annually the necessary textbooks and teaching aids are prepared in the Kazakh and Russian languages. To increase the cognitive activity of students, the department pays great attention to the use of innovative teaching methods.
The Department of Economics and Finance pays special attention to scientific research. Under the guidance of teachers with a scientific degree, master’s and doctoral dissertations are prepared.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, both Kazakh and foreign students study in the full-time department of the specialty Economy. Total number of students: 98
On the 1st course – 33
On the 2nd course – 20
On the 3rd course – 24
On the 4th course – 21

As a result of the rating in 2016 of educational programs conducted by the Kazakhstan Independent Agency for Quality Assurance (NKAO), the specialty 5В050600- “Economy” took the third place.
The scientific potential of the department is 90%. The state of the research work of the department is as follows:
According to the results of the competition of research works of students of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016, the student of the specialty 5В050600- “Economy” Koibek aydin Ermekuly took the second place. Scientific advisors are Dr.S.Sydyris, Ph.D., Associate Professor D.Asan.
Students In 2016, following the results of the competition for the best research work of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded the second place to Bekseit Nurdaulet, a student of the first year of specialty 5В050600- – “Economics”. Scientific adviser Ph.D., R.Tazhibaeva.
In the 2016 academic year, in the world rating journals (Thomson, Reuters), Doctor of Science (Economics), professor B.Myrzaliev published 3 scientific articles ..
Under the program 6D050600 Economy Taizhanov Lesbek in December 2016 defended his doctoral dissertation.
The project manager – Doctor of Economics, Professor B. Myrzaliev, Junior Researcher – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor S. Kaltaeva, researched and completed the project work on the basis of the grant “Formation of industrial clusters of priority areas for the purpose of increasing effectiveness of their development in the South-Kazakhstan region “2015-2017. 1500000 tenge.
The project manager – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor S. Ydyrys – “Improving the economic and organizational development of the jewelry industry in the city of Turkestan (experience of the Republic of Turkey)” grant for work on the project. 2015-2017. 1500000 tenge.
The project manager – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor S. Ыдырыс – is working on the project. 2015-2017. A grant of 1,000,000 tenge is being developed. “Conclusion of proposals for the possible perfection of qualitative components of labor resources in the SKO under the conditions of innovative development”
In the Thomson Reuters, Elsevier Scopus, Science Direct databases, all members of the department, including undergraduates and doctoral students, are fully registered – 100%.

Students and members of the faculty members actively participate in various cultural and social events within the faculty and university.

At the beginning of the educational process, university students get acquainted with the requirements and tasks of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as with the requirements and mission of the university, including university disciplinary rules, as well as interests in protecting their rights. At the same time, students to conduct a healthy lifestyle do not exclude the holding of educational activities, as well as attend cultural events.

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