Characteristics of the program


  • Bachelor of Economics and Business

Goals and objectives of education program:

  • the main purpose of training students on educational programs 6В041 – Economy;
  • training in the framework of patriotism and respect for the traditions and values ​​of the residents in their own countries and Turkic-speaking countries, the recognition and respect for the Constitution, literature and culture education in the spirit of patriotism;
  • personal and social development of students, in order to ensure an economic point of view, the educational process, as well as the social aspects of the educational process of coordination of measures aimed at professionalism and competitiveness in accordance with international requirements for training of highly qualified economists;
  • research skills and independent research, planning, implementation, which will coordinate the research areas;
  • patterns of socio-economic development of society, history, history of economic thought, modern information technology, language, international relations based on the knowledge of foreign languages ​​as a means of social and humanitarian education;
  • professional education in the field of specific basic knowledge, skills and personal qualities;
  • broad fundamental knowledge, initiative, a tendency for modern technology and changing demands of markets.


  • the student learns to analyze the place and role of the modern economy in society;
  • receives extensive and meaningful overview of the sources of the publications of world and national literature;
  • to use new sources of information.

The ability to apply:

  • the student should be able to apply the knowledge gained information on economic sectors, taking into account market conditions;  

Taking qualification:

  • must learn the economic laws of market relations, learn globalization and internationalization processes, as well as to know the features of scientific, management and financial activity of the enterprise;
  • independently be able to Use a variety of information and sources of information, statistical data, use of computer technology and letter for handling research results and solutions professional purposes;
  • be able to properly carry out scientific and research work, know the methodology, logic and technology to conduct research in the field of science and of experimental work.
  • be able to use in their daily professional activities the knowledge and skills to conduct research projects.


  • be a competent specialist that specializes the future economy must be fully requirements of employers.

Basic modules profiling

Module – Introduction to Economics

Economic mathematics

Economic theory

History of Economic Thought

Module – Economic Development

Economics of Kazakhstan

Economics of enterprises I

Module-Fundamentals of micro-macroeconomics I

Microeconomics I

Macroeconomics II

Module-Finance and Accounting


Accounting I

Fundamentals Module-II micro-macroeconomics


Microeconomics II

Macroeconomics II

Module Management and Marketing



Government regulation of the economy

Private-module production

International Economics I

Microeconomic analysis

Economic Planning Basics

Module-Industry sectors

Labour Market Economics

Environmental economics

Agriculture Economics

Module-Economics Entrepreneurship I

Entrepreneurship I

International Economics II

Innovative economy

Investment planning


Economics of enterprise II

Entrepreneurship II


Macroeconomics III

Modules educational trajectories (ZHBT)

ZHBT1 Production Economics

Module – Economics of firms

In company planning

Economics and transport policy

Module – Advanced Problems of Economics

Economic policy

Organization of production

The economy is based on energy

ZHBT2 industry Economics

Module – industry Economics

Property Market Economy I

Module -National economy

Economic analysis

The theory analysis of the current economic condition

National economics

Professional practice

Educational and industrial practices Conductive In accordance with the periods approved in the MES RK standards:

On the 1-course “educational Practice” – 3 weeks;

On the 2-course “Internship” – 2.5 weeks;

3-course “Internship” – 2.5 weeks;

4-course “Internship” – 10 weeks;

4-course “Pre-diploma practice” – 5 weeks.

Places and organization for the practice:

RK Ministry of Investment and Development

«Kaspi Bank»

“Kazakhstan-Ziraat Halykaralik Bank ”


TOO “Alyugal”

“Bank Positive Kazakhstan

“Kazakh-Tүrіk іsker Adamdar қoғamy”

TOO “BAYKAZ Electric”

TOO “Strojservis XXI”

TOO “nesie -Kz»

TOO “Yer Nysh”

TOO “Saulet-Beton”

Short reduction

Code of specialty



Social science

Levels of education

Basic higher

Type of training



Passing exam score

Payment amount

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

480 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

700 000 tenge.

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