6M050800-Есеп және аудит

Qualification model of the graduate in specialty 6М050800 «Accounting and audit»

School – lever has to:

1) have an idea:

– About current trends in development of scientific knowledge;

– About actual methodological and philosophical problems natural (social, humanitarian, economic) sciences;

– About contradictions and social and economic consequences of globalization processes;

– About the current state of economic, politic, legal, cultural and technological environment of the world business partnership;

– About organization of strategic enterprise management, innovative management, theories of leadership;

– About the main financial and economic problems in the functioning of entities.

2) Know:

– Methodology of scientific knowledge;

– The main driving forces in changing of economy structure;

– Features and rules of investment cooperation;

– No less than one foreign language at the professional level to allow conducting scientific research and practical activity.

3) be able:

– Apply scientific methods of knowledge in professional activity, critically analyze existing concepts, theories and approaches to study processes and phenomena, to integrate knowledge gained within different disciplines, to use them for the solution of analytical and managerial tasks in the new unfamiliar conditions;

– Carry out microeconomic analysis of entity of economic activity and use its results in the enterprise management;

– Apply in practice new approaches to the organization of marketing and management;

– Make decisions in difficult and unusual situations in organization and management of economic activity in the entity (firm) field;

– Apply in practice regulations the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the regulation field of the economic relations;

– Carry out information – analytical and information – bibliographic work with attraction of modern information technologies, using information and computer technologies in the field of professional activity;

– Generalize results of experimental and research and analytical work in the form of master dissertation, article, analytical note, etc.

4) have skills:

– Solution standard scientific and professional tasks, scientific analysis and solution practice problems in organization and management economic activity of organizations and entities;

– Proficiency in foreign language at the professional level to allow carrying out professional activity;

– Professional communication and cross-cultural communication, oratory skill, correct and logical registration of the thoughts in an oral and written form;

5) be competent:

– In the field of researches methodology in the specialty;

– In the field of modern problems in the world economy and participation of national economies in the world economic processes;

– In the organization and management of entity activities in implementation of production communications with various organizations, including bodies of public service;

– In ways to ensure continuous updating knowledge, expansions of professional skills and abilities;

– In accounting, audit, other directions of economy issues.

Modules of profile objects (22 credits)

Professional obligatory modules

Theory and methodology of accounting, current trends

Profound financial account

Professional elective modules

Profound management accounting

Organization of accounting and reporting in subjects of the real production sector

Accounting of improved expenses

State financial control and audit

Financial statements in the WTO conditions

Theory and technique of tax audit

Audit technique of the financial statements

Strategic management accounting

Consolidated financial statements

Theory and methodology of the business analysis

Accounting and statement of investment and innovative projects

Efficiency analysis and management monitoring of assets and liabilities

State obligatory modules

History and philosophy of science

Foreign language (professional)



PET 1 Research of the accounting system

Модуль- Scientific research

Planning and organization of scientific researches

Methodical bases preparation and writing of master dissertation  

Module Organization of accounting

Perspective questions of financial accounting and statement

Technique of economic researches

PET 2 Audit and analysis

Module – Economic analysis

Complex economic analysis

Strategic analysis 

Module Audit

International standards of audit, practice and application in Kazakhstan

Theory and practice of the international audit


Teaching (3 weeks) (continuing) – 4 course

Research practice (6-weeks) І   – 2 course

Research practice (6-weeks) ІІ – 4 course


Research work

Scientifically research work of the undergraduate with a glance realization of master dissertation (continuously) – I – 1-2 course

Scientifically research work of the undergraduate with a glance realization of master dissertation (continuously) – II – 1-2 course


Final assessment

Complex examination

Registration and defence of a dissertation

Short information

Accounting and audit
Code of specialty

Social sciences


Form of study

Full – time tuition
Payment of study

For citizens of the R.K. (tenge):

550 000 tenge.

For foreign citizens (tenge):

600 000 tenge.

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