The Local Commission on Research Ethics (Commission) of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmet Yasawi (IKTU) is a consultative and advisory body, which was established to protect the rights, safety of subjects and researchers, control over compliance with the rules for the use of laboratory animals in biomedical experiments, the principles of humane treatment of them, as well as the ethical and moral-legal assessment of research materials.The Commission is guided by: the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the health of the people and the healthcare system”, the State Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Good Laboratory Practice”, “Good Clinical Practice”, the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Organization, the Guidelines for the work of ethics committees conducting examination of biomedical research by the World Health Organization, the European Convention for the Protection of the Rights of Vertebrate Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes, other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of regulation of clinical trials and international declarations, guidelines in the field of research ethics and the Regulations on the local commission on bioethics.

The Commission considers all issues related to the observance of the general principles of humanism, morality and biomedical ethics when reviewing the research plan at the local level.

The Commission is a structural subdivision of the IKTU and operates since January 2022.

The main tasks of the Commission are:

  • conducting an independent examination of research documents;
  • independent assessment of safety and observance of human rights at the stages of planning and conducting the study;
  • assessment of compliance with international and national ethical standards in the conduct of biomedical research.

The Commission consists of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and members of the Commission. Members of the commission are appointed for a period of 3 years, with the right to re-election for a subsequent term.

Chairman – Oshibayeva Ainash Yesimbekqyzy

Secretary – Maulenkul Tіlektes Ayazbekuly.

Direct questions to WhatsApp number +7 707 111 92 88, from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm.

IMPORTANT: Applications accepted on Wednesday-Friday, 2.30-5.30pm.


Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan city, Bekzat Sattarkhanov avenue 29, International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Rectorate, office #401.

Regulation of the local commission on research ethics (LEC)…pdf

2022 work plan …pdf

Dissertation documents…pdf

Meeting schedule…pdf

Research documents…pdf



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