Honourable guests

“I really enjoyed that the teachers conducted the lessons and seminars directly and interactively using a variety of audio and visual materials at Ahmed Yassawi University. I was also impressed by the collaborative relationships between faculty and students. The university has hundreds of circles around the interests of students including photography, sports, science and music, media, film, theater and more. Of course, all of these hobbies are at the amateurish level, but they can help students achieve their goals, discover their abilities, and actively develop themselves. “Yusuf Kalyango,USA, Professor at the Ohio  university.


I am going to share my impressions by “Visiting Professor” program at Ahmed Yassawi University. I have given a seminar on Accounting and Financial Management. Despite attending only one week, I got used to the learning process at once. The University has the opportunity to consult you at any time. There are also special courses and programs designed for foreign students to study and adapt to the learning process. In addition to seminars and classes, I had find many friends in a short time. In general, the university has a lot of activities, and there are a lot of clubs.


Dababrata Chowdhury England, Professor at the  University of Saffolk
Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University offered many opportunities. Especially I liked that the student mobility with more than 70 universities around the world, the arrival of faculty members from abroad, the high standards of education and communication with students. Opportunities for students to have highly qualified teachers, logistical support, timely information on all projects. They need to take advantage of these opportunities.Bell HermanEngland, Professor at the Oxford university 


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