Scientific institutions

There are 6 research institutes at our university, which conduct new research in the field of ecology, Turkology, archeology, religion, natural sciences, medicine and political-economic sphere. The institutes are engaged in research that contributes to the development of intellectual and innovative potential of the region on the basis of close integration of science and industry. The Department of Commercialization of Science coordinates the internal coordination of institutions.

The main directions of research works of the institute: “Creating environment protection activities by economizing resources and directed to effective usage of biotechnological and other methods on the base of recycling the natural minerals and remaining of human being activities”.

The Institute was founded by the №4 (23.06.2000) decision  and by the №1661 (18.12.2000) order of the Senate of Akhmet Yassawi University. The main focus of the scientific-research institute is to study the complex problems in the field of Turkology.

The main purpose of the “Archaeology” scientific-research center  is to define the origin of Turkic civilization, the period of formation, development stages, as well as to disclose the existence of the general history of Turkic nations. Turkic civilization was formed in Eurasian steppes, and has a considerable contribution to the development of world civilization through thousands years of history.

The natural science research institute was founded by the №48 (24.06.2014) decision of the Board of Trustees of the Akhmet Yassawi University. The main focus of the Natural science research institute is the natural sciences, which provide and conduct basic and applied problems of innovative research.

The main direction of research works of the institution is the deep investigation of actual problems in the international field of science.

The main goal of the Scientific-Research, Expert-Analytical and Methodological Center of Religion Studies named after Ahmed Yasawi is to conduct multi-vector, multilayered research works on fundamental scientific projects in the field of religious sciences in accordance with secular principles.

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