The state offers the following programs for graduates:

“With diploma to the village”, “Youth experience”, and “Youth personnel reserve”.



The aim of the project – “To ensure the normal life of villages and rural areas, to provide their growth potential”

The obligation of the project – “The increase the quality of social services for the rural population, to develop the regional competitive advantage through sustainable rural development”

Immediate results  “Create comfort  to encourage professionals in the social sphereto stay and work in rural areas”.

The program “Youth practice”

Provэdes wэth  work experience after graduation by a state  six-month youth practice. Graduates (till 29 years old) go to job provision center in their cities.  Job provision center signs  six months employment contract with graduates. Young trainers get  17.2 monthly estimates payments  that is about 31 854. If the employer finds the trainer suitable for his company  has rights to accept as a permanent employee.

 “Youth personnel reserve” program 

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with the support of “Nur Otan” People’s Democratic Party implemented “Youth personnel reserve” project to select, train and educate management personnel among talented young active citizens of the country .

“Youth personnel reserve” program  works in three directions.

  1. State  service.
  2. Business community.
  3. Social and political  activities.


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