To become a leader in quality education and innovation teaching and research among Turkic-speaking states and communities.

Future looks

The University among the  best universities in the world and national rankings.

Key values

All activities carried out at the Ahmet Yassawi University are carried out within the framework of the following values:

  • Spiritual revival: human values, spiritual treasures, education of young people, ability to absorb patriotic spirit, preserve national identity, and openness of consciousness.
  • Friendship, Equality and Tolerance: All activities of the University are based on tolerance, respect for friendship, equality and cultural differences among founding states.
  • Transparency: Processes at the university are transparent, transparent, before the organizations / institutions (works) that are in contact with the University.
  • Integrity – the triumph of legal knowledge and legal culture among all academic, teaching and administrative staff of the institution.
  • Professionalism: the degree of mastering the professional skills of the teaching staff, the knowledge, discipline, and the ability to develop students.
  • Innovative: to create new ways of learning, new planning, design, development of knowledge in the learning process, through the spiritual activity of the teacher.
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