Enrollee calendar

01-20.06.2017 Acceptance of documents for complex testing
20-07.2017 Acceptance of documents for creative specialties
20.06.-18.08.2017 Acceptance of documents and taking special examinations for pedagogical specialties
08-13.07.2017 Giving creative examination to enrollees
17-23.07.2017 Giving complex testing to enrollees
23-31.07.2017 Acceptance of applications for educational grant competition
01-08.08.2017 Acceptance of applications for re-taking complex testing
19-24.08.2017 Re-taking of complex testing
08-25.08.2017 Acceptance of application for Turkish grant
10-27.08.2017 Acceptance of applications for tuition education
01-20.08.2017 Interviewing the foreign citizens for tuition education
05-12.01.2018 Acceptance of applications of enrolled students on special conditions for additional complex testing
20-24.01.2018 Retaking the additional complex testing of enrolled students on special conditions