Our History


Since the opening of the Khoja Ahmed Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University in 1991, the Faculty of Medicine was founded, which was located in the cities of Turkestan and Kentau under the leadership of the first dean, Professor E. Bekmuratov.

In 1995, students of the Faculty of Medicine began their studies from the 5th year on the basis of the Phosphorus medical and sanitary association located in the city of Shymkent.
The first dean of the faculty was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor I.O. Baidaulet; in subsequent years, the faculty was headed by Professors N.K. Tuzelbaev, A.Z. Satkhanbaev, M.E. Zhanteev, B.K. Zhunisov, A.A. Sarieva, M.S. Zhunisov, A.R. Zhumadilova, S.A. Tuktibaeva. The faculty provided training in undergraduate and postgraduate specialties, and now implements the educational process in 10 departments with 33 educational internship and residency programs.
Since November 2023, its faculty has been headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, MBA A.S. Abdrakhmanova.