Seminar of young scientists of the medical faculty

On December 6, a scientific seminar of young scientists was held at the Medical Faculty. In the seminar Professor Sh.Seydinov, Associate professor M.Zhunisov and young scientists of the faculty participated. The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the scientific researches and research of young scientists. At the same time, urgent problems of public health, theoretical and practical medicine were considered, and scientific information was exchanged on the most urgent problems of modern medical science.

During the seminar, the results of scientific research of young scientists of the faculty A.Akhmetov, M.Zhunisova, I.Usenbaeva were especially noted.

In the course of the discussion, various questions were asked about the subject and content of scientific developments, to which the answers were exhaustive.

In conclusion, the organizer of the seminar, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Professor T.P.Raimberdiev, highly appreciated the scientific potential of young scientists and wished them further success in developing innovative projects in the field of modern medicine.

Department of Science