Seminar at the Dentistry Faculty

On January 11, a scientific seminar was held among scientists of the Faculty of Dentistry.The workshop was led by Vice Rector for Science and Innovative Affairs, Professor T. Raimberdiev and Chairman of the Scientific Technical Council on Medicine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor N. Zhumanazarov.

The main purpose of the seminar is to promote scientific research among university scientists. The issues of public health, the formation of an assessment of the relevance of scientific trends, which are the basis of science promotion in the field of dentistry were discussed. The objective of the seminar is to increase the scientific and expert potential of scientists, to direct and influence science. Scientists expressed appreciation for being well evaluated, opportunities for  scientific researches. Scientists supported each other and shared with their thoughts.

Scientists R.I. Ashurmetov, G.K. Ashirbekov, A.N. Temirbekov, N.K.Khodzhaev, M.I. Omaraliev, A.K.Mamyrbekova, D.K. Imanova, M.A. Iskendirov, F. T.Temurov made a report on scientific researches. Scientists have provided important information about research work and ongoing work on science. Provided with valuable data on research projects.

At the end of the event the vice-rector T.P. Raimberdiev positively assessed the work of the scientists and wished success in the upcoming scientific works.

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